We should NOT let the situation in MiddleEast get all our attention ,and we do not pay the necessary attention

in Afghanistan and the War on Terror sequel

where the "Gang" is launching a coordinated attack the last 8 years.

civilian casualties resulting from war in Afghanistan from 2001 to 2009

direct deaths: at least 4,972 - 7,764
indirect deaths in initial invasion: 3,200 - 20,000
direct & indirect deaths: 8,172 - 27,764

in 9 years

civilian casualties resulting from Palestine - Israel conflict from 1987 to 2008

7000 Plaestinians
1466 Israelis

in 20 years

In 10 years the war in Afghanistan caused more civilian casualties (Afghan)
than the total number of casualties Palestinian AND Israelis had in 20 years of war

at the same time ,mostly UK and US forces, are continuing the war in Iraq
there are 90000 - 100000 civilian casualties and a total of 400000 people dead,
(other stats find 1,033,000 violent deaths)
as a result of the war and the chaos ,that the war caused ,
or the coallition forces "allowed" to take place in Iraq

in 6 years

This is the case.
1.Many people around the world are in their houses either "frozen"are angry because they see "nonsense TV"
2.Israel's military aggression is covered wide by the media

and as a consequence public opinion is "spended" there

Yes Israel has to stop.Yes Israel has to
Has to Cooperate
Has to Release prisoners,
Has to Lift the blockades,
Has to Evacuate the settlements,
and Go Back to the borders ,the International Community has drawn for it.
In fact talking about 1cm of acceptance after the 6 day war , even the mosts extremist knows (even if does not admitt), that is a favour.

There's however another more deadly war happening

The UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) reported that 2,118 civilians were killed as a result of armed conflict in Afghanistan in 2008, the highest civilian death toll since the end of the initial 2001 invasion. This represents an increase of about 40 percent over UNAMA's figure of 1,523 civilians killed in 2007.

In Iraq it is estimated that in 2008 , 5000 - 9000 people lost their lifes because og the war

average 400 - 700 people are getting killed the month

Blaming only the U.S. ,spend most of our time in Israel - Palestine
and leave the "Gang" continue the "Conquest" by raiding Afghanistan is not a choice.
It is an effect of a media trick. That the perpetrator is TV.
The mind and "mechanism" that allows this to happen however ,
is the U.S. - European Imperialism
Using scapegoats ? Might yes.

I have to underline that I do not blame nobody that he is critisizing Israel , and a lot.
The Fascists in there deserve it.And the situation that they have created demands it.

And offcourse I have to say that the news DO pay attention in Aghanistan and Iraq , everyday.

I just want to say that ,
with all these TV pseudo psycho-spies idiots in our rooms , getting our attention ON THEMSELVES ,
and the aggression of IDF , you want to say something about it.

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