Events Currently Scheduled for 2010 & 2011



Hour-long Gathering with Lisa Fair
at the New Thought Spiritual Cooperative
in Cincinnati, Ohio

Abundant State of Mind

March 7, 2010

"The goal of the New Thought Spiritual Cooperative is to deepen our
understanding of metaphysics, consciousness, and spirituality"

Lisa Fair discusses the journey past material possessions, to the awareness that
true Abundance is finding the Kingdom of Heaven within-as a state of mind. Lisa
will teach us how to be willing to let go of ego beliefs in our minds for a
truly Abundant state of Awareness. Lisa Fair was the former CEO and President of
Abundant Nursing Inc. and left her corporate career and position to teach and
demonstrate the Living Experience of forgiveness and consistent Joy through
living A Course in Miracles. Lisa will also discuss the new quantum ideas that
relate to this great Awakening.

For more information please contact Lisa:



kirsten & jason

5 night Intensive with Jason and Kirsten
at Kalani Center on the Big Island
with spontaneous visits by David & Helena

April 19-24, 2010

Camping: $825
Lodge double shared bath: $945
Lodge single shared bath: $1125
Lodge double private bath: $1025
Lodge single private bath: $1275

Please contact organizer Annalisa Alberto
for more information about the context and style of the intensive/retreat:
ph: 1-808-965-0468 ext 109



"Miracles In Paradise"
Retreat in Hawaii with
David Hoffmeister & Gary Renard

April 24-29, 2010

Join in a five-day retreat with David Hoffmeister & Gary Renard
at Kalani Center, The Big Island, Hawaii

For detailed information click here

There is space for approximately 75 guests in rooms with unlimited camping
and the meeting space can seat about 250 people.

For sign up information please contact Dennis:
ph: 1-808-965-0468 ext 122



Events at the Living Miracles Monastery
& the Salt Lake City Center

Open House at the Living Miracles Monastery
with the Messengers of Peace

May 15, 2010

Please join us for our first open house at the Living Miracles Monastery!

Please bring a dish to share for lunch.

Contact Lisa Fair for more information: 717-629-1038

Living Miracles Monastery Retreat
with the Messengers of Peace

May 28-June 4, 2010

Blessings of Joy! What a Miracle! This will be the first retreat with all the
Messengers of Peace here at the Living Miracles Monastery. The date for the
retreat will be May 28-June 4, 2010.

After months of traveling the globe sharing the good news, all the Messengers of
Peace will be coming together to their new base, here in Utah. After some rest
and time just to be together we are opening the doors and sounding the trumpets.
Come join in on the fun and bask with us for a week of deep authentic
communication and be in the Experience of God's Love. Such Joy to share.

Living Miracles Monastery
12364 Sam's Wash Rd
Duchesne UT 84021

Living Miracles Center
Garden Center
1602 East 2100 South
Sugar house UT 84106

Contact: Lisa at



An Evening Gathering with David Hoffmeister
and the Messengers of Peace
in Los Angeles, California

July 7, 2010
5:30pm- "Meet and Greet" dinner for those who would like to join with us.

An evening of deep discussion about the teaching of A Course in Miracles

Location: 1601 S. Bentley Ave., PH2, Los Angeles, CA 90025
Cost: $25 USD suggested donation

For more information please contact:
Mike Narksusook: Cell: 310-346-6275 Email:

An Intimate Dialogue with David Hoffmeister
with Jenny, Helena, and Suzanne
in Santa Barbara, California

July 8, 2010

Enlightened spiritual teacher, David Hoffmeister speaks of our collective
awakening as the one Self, responding to questions from the audience with
profound clarity and infectious joy.

Location: 209 Santa Anita Rd., Santa Barbara, California
Cost: $25 USD suggested donation

For more information please contact:
Meganne Forbes: 1-805-684-8357 E-mail:
Noell Grace: 1-805-403-1063 E-mail:

Four Day Retreat:
Awakening in Joy with David Hoffmeister
with Jenny, Helena, and Suzanne
in Santa Barbara, California

July 9-12, 2010

An in-depth experience in undoing the blocks to the Presence of Love and Joy
that we are. Each day includes meditation, intimate discussion with David and
the Messengers of Peace, deep joining in break out groups, Spirit inspired music
and evening awakening-through-parable sessions with movie clips and penetrating

Location: 209 Santa Anita Rd., Santa Barbara, California
Cost: $295 USD

For more information please contact:
Meganne Forbes: 1-805-684-8357 E-mail:
Noell Grace: 1-805-403-1063 E-mail:



Voices of Light
A Course in Miracles Conference at Hemingbough
with David Hoffmeister, Gary Renard,
Nouk Sanchez, Tomas Vieira and
Rev. Myron Jones

October 8-10, 2010

Voices of Light will be held Friday, October 8, through Sunday, October 10, 2010
at Hemingbough, St. Francisville, LA. Arlin Dease, owner of Hemingbough,tells us
that this is the best weather weekend of the year in Louisiana, when the autumn
colors are at their peak. Surrounded by Audubon Lake, Hemingbough is a beautiful
cultural and conference center offering state-of-the-art audio visual equipment.
Nestled in the Felicianas, Hemingbough is an easy 25 minute drive from the
Greater Baton Rouge Airport. The event is being promoted on the Hemingbough
website, each speaker's website, sponsor websites, and a new Voices of Light

Registration has begun. We are planning for a minimum of 300 attendees.
Hemstead Hall easily accommodates 425 and the amphitheater 622.

Visit Voices of Light's official website:

For more information contact: or


2011 ACIM Conference

San Francisco, California
Feb 25-27 (Fri-Sun)

*Register for the conference & look for David Hoffmeister
in the scroll down menu of teachers!
See David's information page here.

*When you enroll you MUST choose how you heard about the conference.
PLEASE choose ***David Hoffmeister*** so that ***I and the Messengers of
will get the promotional credit. "Thank you!"

Link to the Presenters flyer...

Listen, Learn & Do - 2011 ACIM Conference

"You MUST join the Great Crusade to correct [lack of love]. The slogan for the
Crusade is listen, learn and do: LISTEN to my voice, LEARN to undo error, and DO
something to correct it." (Tx.Or.Ed.1.31)

Secure registration page:

Or, to register a guest: (wife, husband, friend):

Here's the price schedule of discounts for this event.
The closer we get to the event the more the price goes up, so don't delay.
Your deposit (non-refundable, non-transferable) will reserve your place.
Full payment has to be received by the cut off dates to receive the published

Oct. 26, 2009 to Dec. 31, 2009 - $369 -- 38% savings
Jan. 1, 2010 to Mar. 31, 2010 - $409 -- 32% savings
Apr. 1, 2010 to Jun. 30, 2010 - $449 -- 25% savings
Jul. 1, 2011 to Oct. 31, 2010 - $499 -- 17% savings
Nov. 1, 2010 to Feb. 10, 2011 - $549 -- 8% savings

Some of you have expressed interest in joining the Messengers of Peace at the
2011 ACIM Conference in SF. A group of friends will caravan from
Salt Lake City, Utah to the Conference.
The best way to be part of the festivities is the early bird registration.
Below are the direct links to register. Register early for savings
on the cost of the conference.



European Resources

We have a selection of Awakening Mind Resources available on a donation basis.
If you live in Europe and would like to order something:
Please contact Agneta Martin by e-mail:
or phone: Home: +46 8 540 23 285, Mobile: +46 731 82 99 62

The resources available are the same as on

You can donate for the materials or support the foundation through payments to:

French checking account:
Banque Populaire de la Cote D'Azur
26, avenue Gambetta
83400 Hyeres Les Palmiers
IBAN: FR76 1560 7000 8260 4273 3002 391

In Sweden please use:
Plusgiro for Awakening Mind Föreningen för Andligt Uppvaknande: PG 479929-2



"LIVING A Course in Miracles"
Miracle Network Conference in London

October 16-17, 2010

"Life in this world is often challenging and difficult. How do we apply the
principles of A Course in Miracles, so that we can live the 'happy dream' the
Course describes and truly experience our spiritual selves?"

With guest speakers:
Robert Holden | David Hoffmeister | Robert Perry | Earl Purdy | Jason Chan |
Nick Davis
Heather Pozzo | Annie Blampied | Ian Patrick | Cheryl Ford | Martin Boland

Plus music from amazing singer-songwriter Barbara J. Hunt and inspired pianist
Robert Norton

Until 5th March - £130
6th March to 30th June - £150
1st July to 15th October - £170
on the door - £190
includes lunches
BOOK NOW to get 32% reduction off the on-the-door price!

Booking: 0844 567 0209 (Calls free with some call packages) or or online booking
Enquiries: (020) 7262 0209 or

For more information visit the Miracle Network Conference website



6-Week Devotional in "La Ruina," Mallorca, Spain

October 15-November 28, 2010

David and The Messengers of Peace invite you to join in a 6-week devotional
while they are in residence at a beautiful Villa in the South Eastern
countryside of Mallorca, Spain. This year Jason Warwick and Lisa Fair will be
joining us as well as Jenny Fagerstedt and Helena Sjunnesson.

Options of staying shorter than six weeks, i.e. one week, will be available.


South Pacific


Lisa, Jenny, Jason, David, Kirsten, Helena

We will all be staying at the Ivory Palms Resort in February following the first
week's retreat. In late February & March Jenny will travel and visit friends and
bookstores along the East Coast for lots of holy encounters. Lisa will return to
the USA by March. If you did not attend the retreat in early February you may be
able to visit us on a weekend in February or early March at the Ivory Palms
resort in Noosaville.

Please contact Jackie for bookings and arrangements:,
Skype: jackies48, Mobile: +61 (0)409-985-492

Noosa Weekend Gathering
with David Hoffmeister and the Messengers of Peace

"Miracles are Everyone's Right"
Come and feel the exquisite joy of joining in the mind of Oneness

March 6-7, 2010

View the event flyer with all of the details

For more information:
Please contact organizer Jackie Simpson:
E-mail:, Skype: jackies48, Mobile: +61 (0)409-985-492


Kangaroo Valley 3, 9, 11 day Retreats

March 20-30, 2010

Our friend Frank Barker is hosting a true joining of a lifetime in the pristine
surroundings of Kangaroo Valley. This is the longest `inner-focused' gathering
ever to be held by David in Australia.
There is the flexibility of three gathering formats-
3, 9, or 11 days to suit your availability and budget.

Contact: Frank Barker at: or +61 411 277 433 for more

Sydney Weekend Events
with David Hoffmeister and the Messengers of Peace

April 9-11, 2010

"Awakening to the Happy Dream"

"Life in this world is often challenging and difficult. How do we apply the
principles of A Course in Miracles, so that we can live the 'happy dream' the
Course describes and truly experience our spiritual selves?"

Please join us for an inspiring weekend with David Hoffmeister and the
Messengers of Peace. We will join in deep dialogue, meditation, Spirit inspired
music, parable sessions, movie clips, and penetrating discussion. Sunday is open
for one on one sessions with The Messengers.

View the event flyer with all of the details

For bookings:
Before March 28: Ph: 0409 985 492
After March 29: Ph: 0421 063 710


South America

There are currently no upcoming events in South America.

Please visit for writings and audios in


About hosting or attending one of our events, workshops or retreats...

Since 1991 David has committed his life to bringing the message and living
experience of a Course in Miracles to thousands of people across America and
overseas. The Messengers of Peace are joined with David in sharing the Purpose
of Awakening using the symbol of Awakening Mind. Their passion is to express
with everyOne the Oneness of God's Love, recognizing healing and inner peace by
trusting and accepting the Holy Spirit as the Inner Guide and Teacher. This
Guidance leads to remembering God and Awakening to a real Identity as the Christ
Self, God's holy Creation in which joy, peace and contentment abound. The
sharing of ideas does not proceed from a tightly planned series of lessons.
Rather, it is just the opposite. The gatherings are orchestrated by the Holy
Spirit and unfold based on the needed lessons and questions necessary to bring
about the healing of the sleeping mind. What is helpful in this process of being
healed and Awakened will be Given by the Holy Spirit and accepted. This places
the gathering under the Holy Spirit's Guidance, the True Helper. Free materials
such as MP3s for online downloads, MP3 CDs, CDs, DVDs, booklets, and other tools
for Awakening are made available through the mail and on the Internet. There is
no fixed admission or entrance fee unless the host of a gathering has decided in
advance to set one. Materials and resources are freely offered online and at
gatherings. Donations & love offerings are gratefully accepted so that we can
continue our ministry of shining God's Love to everyOne around the world. These
donations support the PeaceHouse retreat center in Cincinnati and David's & The
Messengers of Peace world travels.

Contact the Foundation for the Awakening Mind:

4443 Station Avenue (Rear Building)
Cincinnati, OH 45232

or call 513-898-1364 with any requests.

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