First LMM retreat of 2010 & the movement to Utah

Re: First LMM retreat of 2010 & the movement to Utah

Hello Beloved,

I just wanted to share my gratitude and joy for the wondrous retreat at the
Living Miracles Monastery in Utah. Just when you think you can't get any higher
or any clearer...the Holy Spirit shows us "you ain't seen nothin' yet!! Joining
in Purpose with my brothers and sisters in such a deep and intense way; letting
go of fear and judgment in an atmosphere of Love and Compassion; staying CLEAR
on our one Function and our only Purpose opens the Heart to the True experience
of Trust and Joining! Words are incapable of expressing the depth of the
Gratitude that I have for the Messengers of Peace, and for those who are willing
to "go for it" and let the ego's voice take the back seat, and allow the Spirit
to rise up and shine within and without...I know where my home is, and it's
truly an experience in Mind, and only in Mind.

Thank you David, Kirsten, Jenny, Helena, Lisa and all the wonderful volunteers
and participants that made that retreat so much more than a retreat. It was a
lesson in moving out of the metaphysics of the Course In Miracles as a wonderful
beautiful concept of deep joining, and moving into the EXPERIENCE of deep
joining which we have been promised. My heart was singing the whole time, and
thank you for letting me sing with my voice too! Thank you for letting me
arrange the flowers for that beautiful symbol of joining in marriage between
Devon & Lauren! And most of all, I thank my dear elder brother Jesus, for
continuing to show up in our lives, and make good on all those promises!!!!!
AHHHH, there is no-thing better!

And as for David, my witness to the Christ in me, you are a blessing to this
Universe, and my Life is alive with Purpose and Love because of you. Like that
John Denver song I sang, "If I should live forever and all my dreams come true,
my memory of Love will be of you"....

Here's a quick youtube clip I made of our joining. Blessed be to God!

Your Eternal Sister in Christ,


--- In, "David" <mysticspiritone@...> wrote:
> Beloved One,
> Blessings of Love. Forty of us gathered at the monastery last week for our
first retreat of 2010. There were volunteers from as far as Australia and
participants from as far as Ireland and Canada in attendance. Devan and Lauren
and friends and family held a wedding on Wednesday night, and after the
reception we held our first Wed. night candlelight service. People poured out
their gratitude for the miracles that have been extending through their
awareness, and everyone rejoiced in how the Spirit is moving in their lives.
Rozes and Kathy formed a sun & wind team to explore the use of solar and wind
power at the monastery (...and this week we met a man named Orrin who lives in
the canyon and is the main distributor for solar equipment in Utah). Suzanne
and Frances and Anna Carol and Kerri and Jason Press will be moving out to Utah
in 2010 in support of the monastery this Summer and Fall, and Leila is headed
back to Cincinnati to begin the process of relocating to the monastery.
> The shift from our base in Cincinnati to using the monastery as our base for
the Global Ministry is now fully underway. We are Guided to keep the monastery
open year round beginning this year, and we are grateful for the plan to have a
support house for volunteers nearby here in Utah, much like the Lighthouse has
been a support house for the Peacehouse in Cincinnati. The new support house in
Utah will have high speed Internet access, and since we have been unable to
obtain this for the monastery this Internet access will enable us to maintain
our Internet ministry and communications from rural Utah. The support house in
Utah will also house full and possibly part-time volunteers and an office for
mailing out requested resources and published materials around the world.
> We welcome any and all support for our westward movement, and we are filled
with gratefulness for all the love and support that the volunteers and
participants are continually offering in our shared Purpose. Everyday is
miraculous, and we rejoice at every step that is Guided & Given.
> Late June & early July are periods of travel for most of the Messengers of
Peace. Jason & Kirsten will fly to Costa Rica in mid-June, and I have a trip to
Canada at the end of the month. In early July we have a trip to Las Vegas, Los
Angeles, and Santa Barbara scheduled. There are weekend retreats scheduled for
June and July at the monastery, and another full week retreat is set for late
August. I will be coming to the Northern mountains of Georgia in early
September, and return to Northern Kentucky for a weekend retreat in
> Please see our Coming Events page for more details:
> I hope to see you this Summer and Fall in North America, before I continue on
my travels around the world in Europe & Australia at the end of 2010 and into
> In Overflowing Gratitude & Joy,
> David & the Messengers of Peace

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