Healing our self will give birth to Peace

Dear ones, precius ones,
I was wondering how to begin to share my heart with the iPeace community. There is so much to do and to share.
And I would like to ask you to help me to give birth to a spiritual healing circle here. Thanks to be the love that you are.
Birthing Infnite Bliss-Peace on Earth Through Healing

Here is my first step.
Dear friend, it is a great honor to share with you my feelings with you about your healing process, first of all dear little sister, be gentle to your self, eating to much sweat reflects a need for that, take loving care of your inner child, do only what you love to do courageous one! be honest and unconditional towards your self and others, you can only give that to you and others when you are connected to the sacred source of all, feed your essence self with the sweet love of Mother Earth, root your body-spirit deep in her body until you will touch her heart-your heart and thank her-your self to be able to create this beautiful body this beautiful earth walk, and be able to enjoy and to share all her abundance-your abundance, chocolate cravings comes from luck of joy, enjoy your self, let sing and dance your heart and remember that little girl inside in your heart who wants to play, let her play, healing is a adventure, everything is all right and exactly the way it's meant to be, allow life and your self to be exactly the way there are-you are, you are already perfect, release judgments and relax, appreciate your self, your are learning to create more and more healing power for your self- for all of us, let it happen in a gentle way, thank you for all the sacrifices you do to heal all of us, milk products creates lots of mucus that can manifest like brain fog, but brain fog also saying need more clarity about your self and about your life, allow your sacred vision for this life time to manifest naturally, drop judging your self! accept! and forgive! and heal the past, at any moment in any situation, past, present or future you can create love, you are love, you are loved, love will always prevail, through gently loving your self you will heal , go to your essence self and relax, you are healing-we are healing and all the pain is your helper-our helper, your guide-our guide, accept it and work with it and appreciate all the hidden treasures it offers to you, your body talks to you, listen to her truth, pain comes from resistance, non acceptance of change which is inevitable, your are a healer, a light worker, a infinite powerful rainbow spirit of light, you are safe and loved, I love you little sister, we love you and I-we feel your struggle, it's mine-ours also, you are not alone and you will never be alone, you are in my heart-our hearts, beautiful mirror! look at all your divine gifts and use them, share them from the purity of your heart, you are blessed, you are healing, you are a healer, you are love, intention-activation-realization-birthing of infinite bliss-peace on this beautiful Planet Earth Mother Home of all of us. Inlakesh ala kin (I'm on other of your self) Let mi share with you one of my sons picture, he's a wonderful gentle healer and he gave mi permission to share it with you. He's a hummingbird.

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Comment by Tasha on February 23, 2009 at 6:00pm
My brother, I feel as you wrote this especially for me today! Last night I had a dream of seeing the majestic planets swirling in the sky and then a rainbow warrior followed the path across the sky before disappearing. I was looking in awe and wonder, in a crowd of rejoicing people, and I knew in my heart, it is time, it is time. This dream is lingering around me today and the impressive images are so clear. I was googling what 'rainbow warrior' means when you left a message on my page for me. Thank you brother for reaching out to me, for I believe it is synchronistic. Could I be a rainbow warrior? Could I be a teacher to humanity? I do not know where to start, but I trust the path will be shown as necessary. I am nervous, but I am willing to be a way-shower, it is the only way I want to live this life.

Thank you brother.
Blessings of infinite love,

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