Healing the Earth with Anastasia and the Ringing Cedar

“I exist for those for whom I exist” - Anastasia

I was introduced to the Magic and Wisdom of Anastasia 2 years ago
and I have use many insights found in these books.
Also Anastasia's Vision has inspired many people around the world to start Community.
You will love it!

Also an Example of her Wisdom:
When you plant the seeds for your garden Anastasia suggest to hold the seeds in your mouth so the Seeds can know through your saliva which nutrients you need and create according to your need.
I have tried it and felt the power of Life soaking the seeds.
I have to say I had a bit of challenge with the little cabbage seeds..so little
I ate a lot while planting...
SO I went into this site to give you an overview of Anastasia 's healing

Anastasia, the first book of the series presents us with a never-told-before unique outlook on life as we know it. Spanning dozens of subjects from child-rearing to gardening, from adventure to the meaning of human life, from megalithic science to breast-feeding and from sexuality to religion, these books present an incredibly beautiful and equally practicable vision of humanity’s spiritual connection to Nature that helps us understand ourselves and heal our Earth. These life-changing books have become international bestsellers and have touched hearts of millions of people world-wide. The Anastasia books contain the most astounding messages you will ever read, from an amazing woman, found more than 10 years ago, living alone in a forest in Siberia.

Anastasias profound wisdom has shocked and astounded the scientific and religious communities, who continue to be amazed by the incredible revelations delivered in each new book. Top scientists, among others, are writing poetry in response to her words. Many people are creating visionary paintings and art for the first time in their lives. Highly educated men and women are walking out of their "jobs" and creating new lives for themselves after reading these books.

Over 11 million copies of the Ringing Cedars of Russia books have already sold in Russia with no advertising except word of mouth! In Europe the books are now considered the most significant book series ever written and are said to contain the most important revelations in the history of humanity.

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