Hello from Montreal. We can make a difference, Lets put our heads together and find solutions and become friends and change the world.

You do not have to stop being an activist to become a peace maker. The peace movement did not fail during the Viet-Nam war I was involved I know. The Internet and as you point out each outbreak of war brings more pacifism. Now people can blog and reach many people and every once of information truth and solidarity and demonstrations of public outcry helps end the war. We are becoming a transparent and also dangerous world. Peace makers and pacifists need to stay alert and keep fanning the flame of the heart. The best thing to do is unite and take action. We can make videos we can make forums and we can bypass the media and force it to be more truthful on world events rather then the lopsided fox news brain fill. The more we get good at what we do the more people we reach. We need thinkers poets and dreamers. I hope to have an interesting exchange with you. I also have a special community project of making a video for earth day. A collective undertaking. Maybe you would be interested. Here is the one we did last year for earth day this year maybe it will have the participation of people from all over the world on ipeace and other peace networks.

The song Gaia is what i used for the sound track. Just the guitar part with special effects on the visual . S if you like the idea and If you have video footage images artwork ideas and love for the mother contact me and be part of this.

Here is the song Gaia with the lyrics and all. A sort of Indian version.

This video is another song i wrote for the earth.


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Comment by Jean-Francois on February 15, 2009 at 7:05pm
super ta tune papilion.
Comment by Serge Da Sylva on February 15, 2009 at 1:13pm
Wonderful sharing. Thank you.
Comment by Whitefeather on February 15, 2009 at 11:50am
Hi Serge, love to part of this, here is a poem i penned recently,
Call to Arms

There’s a tide of energy in migration
Crissing and crossing across our nation
Freeing the souls trapped in a frown
From the weight of our burden that kept us down
But now our hearts are connecting to our soul
Our destinies true calling is now our goal
As we let go the cold restricting chains
And feel the energy coursing through our veins
Rising up to stop the Earth Mothers Destruction
Freedom for all, Love and Compassion
Take up the torch and bear the flame
Time to acknowledge that we’re all to blame
Become the change you want to see
Instead of blaming, him or her or me
Take up your arms, stand tall and strong
And others will join you before too long
So gather yourselves and answer the call
Not just in token but for the long haul
Shine your light be a beacon of hope
An inspiration to others on how to cope
For we all carry within us that sacred spark
Tend to it, honour it so you’ll make your mark
Join now the surge spreading across the land
Walk with others hand in hand
For no matter how small the change you make
You know you must do it for our Mothers sake
Wake up and take the stance
Join with others in life’s dance
Make a difference, make it Now.

Hope you like it and find it acceptable for your project. Bright Blessings, your sister in peace, Whitefeather x
Comment by Serge Da Sylva on February 15, 2009 at 7:04am
OK friends for peace. Any artists poets singers visual artists public orators journalists and others who would like to join me on an active poetic community progect for the earth mother.

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