Holy you are.
To us near and fare.

Feeding us with all your treasures.
So we can live in joy and pleasures.

Your different children are so many to see.
Exiting to one another they could bee.

But no, in great fear some of them are hold.
With no feelings for the holy that they rape bold.

Many are trapped in the game of illusion.
Some are awakening in great confusion.

The children of universal love are introduced,
to help and guide the ones that was confused.

As angels on this holy ground they did walk in the stream.
Waiting and wondering if it all was an odd dream.

With visions of a doomsday to come in a future they have liven.
Learning and preparing, so they can help the forgiven.

But yet it is not over, the last war is still not done.
The war of the spirit of human kind has just begun.

Angels are working the clock around from near and fare.
Shining bright love light, to the holy star.

Mother oh mother awakened you did, your shiny ones in a kiss.
To spread the powerful love, that they truly are and is.

With grace all is done as it was meant to bee.
Love will conquer thee.


By IA 13/12 -2008

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