God, I miss my Penguin!! Oh Peter...

This song makes me Weep!!.....it's not the "video". Sure the beach is fabulous and the peaceful togetherness of the two is lovely...But...it's the "song"

The sway of the music and how it pulls my soul right out of me.

When I hear it, it reminds me of my Honey and how we swayed together, two fish entangled in a huge ocean never knowing which way to go!...

I was the stronger of the two..although we swam together I was the one to keep us from sinking down.

I had to swim away for awhile, hoping that he would become a stronger fish.....our plan was to swim and swim strong toward each other again one day.
Without the other half of strength, he swam no longer :-(
Swimming all alone in this big dark ocean,, he sank to the bottom.

Now I swim alone...
using that unforgivable strength to keep from sinking down.

IN MEMORY OF THE FISH, PETER SVRCINA, who took his own life around Thankgiving time 2008

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