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Best Way to Write 5 Paragraph Essay

The Dreaded 5 Paragraph EssayHave you ever had to write an informative essay or piece of writing for school or work? Have you ever wondered how to separate your work from the hundreds of other essays? This article will show you how to write a basic five paragraph essay, and then turn it into a good five paragraph essay.

Why the 5 paragraph Essay? Most people generally tend to follow a method called the Classical Method. This method lists the introduction first, followed by the support paragraphs and ends with a conclusion paragraph. This method is popular in school assignments, but also doubles as very successful in the professional workplace. This structure is superior because it (generally) makes no assumptions to the forethought of the audience. foakleys This is combination with accessibility makes it widely acceptable, and most efficient. So let's get down to the steps that will help you write a five paragraph essay.

Before you ever begin writing, you need to decide what you want to say. This may not seem very important, but this is what separates good writing from great writing.

Decide what you want the audience to take out of your work. Are you trying to persuade them or inform them? What will your audience know before hand, and how much background information will you include? Making your material appeal to your audience is a critical aspect of any work.fake oakleys To write a five paragraph essay you should consider your audience. Since you're writing for a teacher, sometimes it's a good idea to say what your teacher wants to hear.

After your introduction your audience will decide if they want to read your work or not. If you disregard your audience they will lose interest and never read past the introduction. While you write your five paragraph essay, always keep your audience in mind.

Intro: The first thing you will want to include in your introduction is something to get the attention of the audience; something that will answer the question "Why should I care?" This can range from anything to an interesting fact or quote, but from experience I think stories with an analogy tend to work best. Now that you have the attention of the audience, you need to show them what the work will include, ie. foreshadow to what you plan to write on. After a brief view into what you plan to write on, include the thesis, or topic of your essay. The introduction can also be an excellent place to disclose brief background information on your topic. The introduction and conclusion are arguably the most important parts of any work. Keep your introduction brief, exciting, and informative. A good introduction and conclusion can almost make a five paragraph essay good by themselves.

Body paragraphs are where the bulk of your information will be located in your essay. When writing the body of your work it generally works best to go logically. In other words, give background information on the topic, the general view of the community, and then finally argue your position or give new information. Keep all three paragraphs around the same length if possible to make the essay seem balanced and all aspects equally important. Body paragraphs are important for a five paragraph essay.

The conclusion is your last chance to drive the topic home. Chances are if your audience remembers anything from your work, it will be something from the conclusion. Give them everything you want them to take away in the conclusion. Reiterate your strongest key points. knockoff  oakleys To end on a strong note, tie back in your interesting quote, analogy, or statistic. End with a strong conclusion to complete your five paragraph essay.

With these steps you should be able to write a five paragraph essay. So how can you.

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