Even in 30 years later, that figure is still optometry industry recognition.Although this value is not mandatory standard, is only a recommended value, but the "consumer report" in the detection of 6 cast brand, contact lenses, in addition to the fizz kang everyDAY uv is not marked, other products of the nominal oxygen permeability (Dk/t value) are not less than 24 x 10 to 9.
But our third party inspection agencies inspection results show that "qi" all products are common oxygen transmission performance,Knockoff Ray Bans only depending on the optimal Ann Johnson ShuRi and inspect kang water embellish throw everyday barely reached the value.Among them, by calculation, new imported brand fizz kang everyDAY oxygen permeability of uv (Dk/t value) only 15.39 x 10 to 9, in 6 product at the bottom.(pictured) In domestic contact lenses enterprise marketing momentum most fiercely haichang, the measured oxygen permeability value was lower than the nominal value to 29.56%, fake Ray Bans more than 11417.3 GB - 2003 "eye contact lens optics" in soft contact lens "oxygen permeability measured values should not be less than 20% of the nominal value".The fizz everyDAY uv for not labeled oxygen permeability, relative error is unable to compare.
Oxygen permeability reflect the content of oxygen per unit time is through the ability to measure contact lenses through the performance of oxygen, were often contact lenses enterprises as the focal point of propaganda, but the gap between the publicity and the measured results for consumers is really heavy.
"Most soft corneal contact lens oxygen permeability is original is not high, Cheap Knockoff Ray Bans even completely reach the nominal oxygen transmission performance, relatively is also low. The testing results of the lower than nominal, for cornea is not healthy."To this, the day bright light technical director MeiYing doctor said.
When I was a little boy, I was very envy those who wear glasses, special spirit of grace, think they wore glasses.A back to grandma's house, Cheap Fake Ray Bans I put my grandma presbyopic glasses to wear, walking up and down on the kang, quite a bit of a "pig nose green outfit like".That soon dizzy, a head of planted kang, people fall nose comes, grandma presbyopic glasses is shattered.Not grandma pull, I must get mother two broom bumps.When I grow up, although a lot of books to read, write a lot, I don't know is a natural eye health or something, just not myopia, every time tests are above 1.5, the in the mind is not wearing glasses and "angry".

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