Letter to CNN -Jonathamn Mann-Cowleen Mc-Edwards --Healing the Unstable International security --NOAH'S Ark - International peace project

International Peace-project for the improvement of the Friendship ,Harmony ,and
Cooperation between all the countries of the world.

August 23 , 2006

CNN Center
Attention :
Jonathan Mann
Coleen M-c Ewards
1 CNN Center
Atlanta Georgia 30303

With all due respect, this humble messenger of peace allows to send to you, as one of the most prestigious team of Interviewers of the American T.V.; this letter in which I set out for your personal consideration a serious of my personal concerns about the nowadays worldwide taught insecurity situation caused by the extreme Muslim fanaticism . I took the decision of addressing this letter specially to you ,because I personally consider you ,as a team of brilliant persons, with a clear ,quick ,free and analytic minds ; and so all of you will can agree or disagree with the arguments that I had developed in my ideas.
I apologize beforehand , if in the presentation of this letter I have made some unintentional grammar mistakes . My intention is to share some ideas that I believe can help to improve the nowadays worldly security .

A few days ago I saw in the T.V. (CNN-Your world today ) the last Bin Laden’s cassette, in which it was possible to see a group of rockets or missiles targeting an American flag representing this flag the American properties or interests. Let me allow to say that I saw in the face of Miss Coleen the gesture of upset and displeasure when she presented to the public this horrible cassette . These kind of feelings of apprehension and insecurity are shared by a great number of persons that live in the western world ,not only in the USA but Europe and the United Kingdom.

The big problem is that in The Muslim world the environment is being over-saturated with something that we may call “Violence Virus “ ;that means huge amount of thoughts of hate and destruction ,and that particular virus is touching or contaminating the younger Muslim generations , with the great danger that many of those youngsters may feel themselves identified with this negative feelings. In other words new supporting members ,or future soldiers are being recruiting by this philosophy extremist. ( Attack to the metro station of London ).
Every new hit against American or occidental interests (it doesn’t matter if the strike was completely successful or not – the last one was the attack to the American embassy in Damascus –Syria ) ,is very well received and celebrated By the supporters of this philosophy of hate and destruction with burning of flags or Icons that represent the image of their enemy (the Occidental World ).
There are obviously also another young Muslims minds, in which if we don’t see a tacit approval to this situation ,but neither we see also a strong rejection to this demonstrations of violence . This situation must be changed in a positive way

As a man of peace, a human being that thinks, speaks and writes about the peace of the world ( Noah’s Ark – International peace project for the improvement of the Friendship, Harmony and cooperation between all the countries of the world -) , project donated by myself To the International Community (I’m the author of the project ), I feel myself as if we were sat inside a very hot boiler with all the safety valves or outlets completely closed . This ” hot ‘spiritual environment “ of negative and violent thoughts that we breath anywhere in most of the Muslim countries as well as the feelings of distress of nonconformism that we breath and feel in several occidental countries with this situation ; must be relieved , must be cleaned or cured with another kind of thoughts that we have to introduce in this contaminated environment- (very hot boiler ), I’m meaning to thoughts of peace , of harmony , of hope for a better future .
I’ll explain my idea a little further .

Certainly I’m very ,very surprised of the “ passivity “ of the Occidental World in front of this dangerous situation caused by the continuous threat of radicals or extremists from the Muslim world ; (something terrible or evil could happen anywhere and at any time ) . When I’m talking of passivity ,I’m not making reference to not to widen or tight to the maximum possible the security preventive measures for avoiding that similar violent attacks against Occidental Human lives and properties could be repeated or being successful .
In other words ,we’re acting or using an “ strategy defensive “ ; just waiting, waiting and watching over . ///// . We need to act or react in a completely different way. We need to react in front of this situation with a new and strong “offensive strategy “ using spiritual tools – Positive thoughts

The complete letter will be published in the INTERNET

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