LIFE AT OPPOSITE ENDS - A project of wisdom

Life at opposite ends

My project is "photo-mentary" of people who are over 70 and kids who are under 10. In addition to the photos, their words of wisdom on life will be documented, including what they think about the opposite age group. This will be made into a book, that will be sold and the profits will go to non-profits that focus on children and old people.

Kids are so innocent in the way they see the world. When I was a kid there was a show called "Kids Say the Darnedest Things". When you hear their views on life you know that they have so much to learn, yet they are so wise. On the other hand, the elders have seen so much in their life times. Things that will never be again. They belong to a generation that is fast disappearing and the Baby Boomers are becoming the seniors.

I think that it would be very enlightening to see the contrast between the innocence of youth compared to the wisdom of the elders in our world. Perhaps the project bridge wisdom of the ages with the new generation and culture.

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