My Absence from On-Line Spiritual Work

My absence from On-Line spiritual work



I am following the direction of Creator and my own body right now. I do not go on any spiritual site at the moment other than my own group on Facebook and I only go on for short intervals – usually twice a day for about 15 minutes each. Just sitting here at my desk is uncomfortable and its mostly due to the heat from the computer and I have special fans plugged into it and a little desk fan beside me.


I prepared this by using the updates I made for my group. Normally I would have informed the groups where I am member to, but I was directed by Creator to take care of myself first. I have been under His care for a while and it is a comfort to feel his embrace or to hold my hand.


July 4th

There are no channelings from me or other energy draining spiritual work being done for the next few days - where I live we are in the middle of a heat wave and my body is having trouble cooling down. 

On other networks where I also share my time, I am not posting any teachings until further notice from the spirit/s that work within me and beside me say otherwise. I need to maintain my energy for my family.

I will post occasionally here in the group, but being near the computer causes me a great upset with my body's temp and it has a fan beside it and a computer fan plugged in. - too hot for me.


July 7th

I am still feeling deeply ill due to the heat rising within me that cannot be dampened. I am collecting fire and something else and as I get closer to my next transformation and what I am aiming to achieve my inner body temperature will continue to rise. With the heat wave in Ontario we have been experiencing since June 20th, it doesn't help at all.

Until the inner heat stabilizes and until Creator and the 26 beings that are merged with me tell me otherwise, there will be no channeled messages or teachings. 

This inner heat that is rising and making me terribly uncomfortable takes all my energy because my body barely gets to cool before the next heat rising. This could last several more days. I did not realize as we were to get closer it would be so hot, but I embrace the heat whole-heartedly ♥. 

I am being sustained by Creator and the 26 spiritual beings that are always merged with me until I reach my soul's destiny. 


July 14th

This rising inner heat is not my ascension as I am already ascended and it is not my Kundalini rising, as I have already done this and I work on this from time-to-time. This heat is my own flame absorbing my twin’s flame, drawing it into every pore and particle of my being. A few people have offered their support, but the only thing that can bring me comfort and relief from this rising heat is my flame’s arrival and a cool breeze on my skin. There have been a few days I wished it would snow.


I am told I will not receive any channeled messages for the month of July now. I admit I miss the work I do. Just being on the computer for the smallest amount of time causes a lot of discomfort because the heat rises at a faster rate.


There are a few dear souls who are aware of my hand-fasting that occurred during the Winter Solstice of 2010 and the special relationship I have with my flame. What I am experiencing also affects my children. They also have been touched by this inner heat, as we are all connected to my twin flame as he has been a part of our lives in other past lives. My son and I connect to him on a daily basis. But it’s not up to any of us as for when we are to finally meet face-to-face. It is up to Creator and everything is moving ahead positively wonderful.


I feel my heart accelerate with the knowing this is bringing my twin flame even closer than ever physically into our lives.


Most of my day is spent balancing the symptoms and feelings caused by the rising inner heat. I am tired much of the time and the simplest of tasks drain whatever reservoirs of energy I have. On the other note to this energy drain, I have discovered the rejuvenating benefits of coconut water and I try to add some to my water every day and I feel it helps nourish what I am losing from the sweat and energy loss. Needless to say, I have lost little weight.


Through this process of the rise of my inner heat that is bringing my twin flame to me at an incredible fast pace I am also being purified by the Spirit. Some of this does include bleeding. Bleeding has always been the method used by the spirits during any of my purification processes for other areas of my spiritual practice. None of the purification is done or chosen by me, but I am in constant contact with all spirits and with Creator; I ask at every interval to clarify what I wish to have confirmed.


July 15th

During meditation and cleansing of my aura and chakras I was bathed in a white fire from Creator and that of Christ. I was able to see this white fire wash over me from my head down to my feet. It was an incredible and wondrous feeling.


This experience of my current transformation is amazing and I have had quite a few over the past several months.  


I hope to soon be back at receiving messages and posting teaching articles, and being able to help those that have sought me out.


I love all of you and miss everyone. I am told I will be returning, I just won’t know until the day before. If anyone wishes to send any healing, just send cool breezes if you can.


July 29th

I have been informed I will return with channeled messages sometime in August, the exact date I do not know, and I won’t be disclosed of this information until the day before.


Brightest Blessings


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