Starting a Blog Post for the first time here on iPeace must give at least a little vision of who I am and what you can expect for the future. My way of looking at the world is one of facing mirrors ... When I see people around me not in peace with themselves I know there's still a big road ahead for me (?) Maybe too simple, but everything I'm able to see is just a reflection of what's going on inside me ... on a restless day I only meet restless people, on a day of seeing my inner beauty everything around me looks like heaven ... a kind of game I played my whole life; how real it might be ...

It must be about two weeks ago ... in front of the bathroom mirror. Suddenly there was not the ego watching the body, but something bigger went on ... The awareness of Me, watching the mind, that's watching the body ... an the the question popped up: Who is it that's watching me ... Who is the me watching this ...
Mindblowing, soulstirring and still vibrating in every minute since ..

Mmmm, if that's my intro to iPeace ;-)

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