As without so within, regime change begins within. Are you more than 1 Percent your own worst enemy? Are you 99 Percent in line with an inner guide that speaks from inside, or are you one of the many, using the world as a place to run and hide? This us and them thing is an easy carnival cruise while the Occupy Movement gets through its terrible twos, but soon it will be time to learn to stand and walk the talk, not just writing catchy slogans in the New York street with colored chalk.

I advocate nonviolence but not nonresistance, even though that which you resist persists. Winter is coming, a time to get cold in the park, lost in the dark or finally to freeze out those demons inside and outside that took away our spark. Revolution is an inside job, better than any jobs bill being talked about on the hill. But until you take on your own indoctrination, embedded in you mind by a world that is mentally ill, you won't know what a revolution is. We've come a long way. Clearly the beginning is near. You can take this in or you can yell at the mirror.



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