Our first Living Miracles Monastery retreat of the year begins tonight

Hi everyone,

A group of us have gathered here at the Living Miracles Monastery in
Utah for the 1st retreat of the year, and we have volunteers from
Cincinnati and Australia and Las Vegas and other areas. With the
Messengers of Peace & participants from as far as Ireland there will
be a total
of 40 at the retreat.

Join us later in June for the next one, which is a weekend retreat.




PS: Visit http://global-miracles.net/gatherings.html
for more of our upcoming
retreats this Summer & Fall.

Here is a new song I just received from my dear friend Noell Grace:


Spirit is my strength
Spirit is my Source
Loving is my sustenance
Loving guides my course

Now I yield up
Illusion of control
Holy Will is done through me
This is my only goal

I joyfully invite
the living mind of Christ
Govern every thought and word
Illuminate my sight

Now I open up
and let the power flow
Nothing that I need to do
but say Yes and let go

I release the thing
I dreamt myself to be
Every concept, every thought
Every held belief

I bring it to the altar
Within my Holy Mind
There is no true sacrifice
To be the living Christ

Living in the Mind of Christ
Living as the Mind of Christ
Living as the mind of Christ

Blessings and Joy to all gathering for the retreat...



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