Our Truth
I will no longer express feelings that I know are not my truth.
When we hide from our truth Defy it… In return we feel Anger, Hurt, Distance, un-passonate, and Frustration...
From this moment on I am one with God! I am the master of my mind... I will remain true to who I am and I will live in truth Now for always For Now is where OUR truth is...
We OUR souls together plan our experiences. Let us live our truth! This is our souls one and only desire.
In our past life experiences (EGO) has done this. Our (EGO) stood in the face of destiny and defied its very purpose!
In turn Our (EGO) and Our unconscious being lived in Anger, Pain, Turmoil which Our (EGO) blamed everyone and everything for Our experiences which it created.
Now that I am aware my life’s purpose .I am aware that my (EGO) was in control. for it is me (being) that creates my life experiences. However my (EGO) is not who I am, I have always been given choices to the life experiences I have faced!
It was my (EGO) who chose the anger, pain the turmoil.
My Being is aware now. I now know I am LOVE, PEACE, and TRANQUILITY... My being is alive I am one with GOD.
Now is where I am. Now is telling me our truth. I am listing now! And so I am.
Your soul will lead you to the life experiences it wishes to! If you listen and feel your souls purpose it will remind you who you are!
OK so who are we? You may ask... We are pure love... Energy... When we Re-Member who we are our true self, we will feel no more Anger, Pain, Uncertainty. Our EGO (thoughts disguised as feelings) will be replaced with Acceptance, Love, Our true feelings. We will blame nobody... We will judge nobody... For everything and everybody is as it is. There is no right or wrong! It Just Is. This is our truth!
It is our purpose to awaken to our truth! We will accomplish our purpose!
I accept there will be unconscious people that will ridicule me. They will not believe our truth they will say that we are Crazy... I accept that it is what it is! For they are being who they are! Living their life experiences Unconsciously. When it is their time to awaken we will be there waiting with open loving arms.
I know and accept our truth I embrace it. I am living it, I am it.
I desire for everybody to awaken to our truth.
It is amazing, Truly amazing... I welcome all to join us in this spiritual journey.

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