PEACE - Is it real or just another ethereal theory?

This question may seem odd and, perhaps, unnecessary. We have all heard a great deal spoken and seen a great deal written about peace, or more precisely, the lack of it in the world and in general society. The need for the question arises simply because many among us have never considered the true meaning of the word “peace”, nor the conditions needed for it to prevail within oneself, or one’s inner self, and in society.

Peace is the product of love and respect for every being, human and animal, tolerance of all differences, seeking to live harmoniously, being unselfish, and seeking to help one another. Peace is not a feeling that we choose to switch on or off, depending on our mood or circumstances.

I am not even going to state the meaning of the word peace from any dictionary; this is not a scholastic work, it is purely a blog intended to raise discussion.

PEACE. It’s a nice thought, which arouses one’s imagination, triggering further thoughts of: being at the coast, or alongside a river or waterfall, enjoying a stroll in the forest, a stroll through the bush, etcetera. But the feeling is usually a fleeting one, which passes the moment any memory or thought comes to mind of hurt, envy, anger towards any person or event, revenge or resentment, past fears, everyday stresses, corporate competition and politics, unreasonable expectations, ill health, poverty, lack of basic human needs, unemployment, any financial strain. And there are more, but we don’t need to expound on this over laboriously.

So therefore then; before one can begin to consider the momentous topics of world peace, national peace, regional peace and peace among people in a society, one first needs to address one’s own state of peacefulness; each and every one of us, starting with me.

Beginning with questions like: What are the causes of all strife and discord within myself? Do I dislike my body, or my face, or my personality, or my race, or my parents, or my forebears, or their background? Do I dislike or hate any person or race group, any religious group, any institution, or anything in particular? Is there any inherent dislike, irritant, or hatred in me that was taught me by my parents? Plus many more similar questions that need to be answered.

If the answer to any of the above questions is to the affirmative, I will need to sort them out, somehow eradicate the causes and then choose to develop a state of peacefulness within myself. I would then need to adopt the mental attitude of intention to choose to love, to choose to be patient and kind, and to choose to live in harmony with everyone, including myself. And once I have accomplished these huge challenges, I might be in a position to discuss the larger, much more complex issues pertaining to societal, regional, national and world peace.

As Gandhi so rightly taught us that, in order to see change in the world, one needs to firstly be the change in the world. However, if we continue to fight the historical wars of our forefathers in history, if we continue to hate the Germans, hate the Jews, hate the black people, hate the white colonialists, hate the North or South, hate the Communists, on behalf of our grandparents, there will never be world peace; it is absolutely impossible. Likewise, if we continue experiencing identity crises and conflicts within ourselves, the task is even more unlikely to ever be achieved.

From me, I wish you all love, peace and harmony.


Vaughan – One for All – All for One

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Comment by Vaughan Jones on January 10, 2010 at 7:31pm
Hi all my friends....


Thought precedes all action. Therefor, if we think right, doing our best to entertain only pure thoughts - right and pure deeds will follow. Then we can truly tell the world that we love peace and want it more than anything.

With love, peace, joy and harmony. Bless you all to the fullest,

Vaughan. ONE for All - All for ONE.
Comment by Vaughan Jones on January 10, 2010 at 7:23pm
Thanks for your wisdom once again. I promise that there is no anger or revenge within me. What you are possibly sensing is my absolute dismay and utter shock at having discovered these truths so late in my life. And possibly, the feeling of helplessness regarding how to deal with it within my sphere at least, if at all. And possibly the frustration I find in that 99% of the world population believe that all is well; and that "surely someone out there must know what they are doing, right?". Mmmmmmmmm - I wonder!

Perhaps prayer and faith, linked with loving sincerely all peoples of the world and sincerely forgiving everyone their own sins, and those of all our forefathers, would be the only thing that I could do.

Kind regards,

Comment by George Williston on January 10, 2010 at 3:10pm
Hello Vaughan,
The Buddhists teach that taking money you do not honestly earn is bad karma so those who are living high while others suffer are creating suffering for themselves. Please go to my website and make a brief examination of my efforts before we go any further. You seem very upset about the scale of corruption on this earth. I have recently coome to belileve that my own government is a band of robbers with Obama as the mouthpiece reading great lines. I had higher hopes for him. We all need to work on the anger in our hearts to be more loving. Human civilizations have almost always been corrupted. Smaller groups had better living arrangements but it takes a true spiritual understnading and bond as a basis. My book is aimed at exposing my culture for what it is and them showing a better healthier way of being human.There is nothing new about the new world order.
Comment by Vaughan Jones on January 10, 2010 at 1:47pm
Yes, God is LOVE, absolutely, and the unloving cultures are the people we need to teach about love. The best way to teach love is by loving, showing it outwardly to everyone, on a consistent basis, real love, not faking it. The Western culture is one of competition, achieving at all levels, at whatever cost, and it is highly egotistical.

For as long as one believe that one is unique, that one has a right to express it and one aims to compete and be better at anything, one will trample on whoever stands the way, and I will never pity the lesser advantaged in society. And one would be doing this in the belief that one is only doing this on the foundation of one's upbringing and general ingrained beliefs.This smacks of "the survival of the fittest", right? Yes, absolutely. And the capitalist system does exactly that; it teaches people to trample underfoot everyone who is weaker and less-advantaged in order to gain maximum advantage, i.e. financial, political, and societal in the process.

This means that everyone's economy and every country and society's economies will always be stretched to the limit; or beyond the limit. The banking, retail media/advertising, all industrial sectors will always make sure that they are getting the cream off the top and most of the milk too, so to speak. And politicians will suck most of what's left in a fraudulent manner to satisfy their selfish desires.

This is why 92% of the wealth and resources in the world are owned by 6% of the world population. 94% of the population are pretty much enslaved to the world system and to think that we thought slavery was abolished. No way; we ain't seen nothing yet.

Finally; who benefits most from the world system, or western/democratic/capitalist system, in the financial sense? World bankers! Everything is channeled through the banks. Absolutely everything, which is why the New World Order has been developing for a long time, hand in hand with a mostly fake democracy throughout the world, so too the one world government, one world bank, one currency, one economy, world trade organization, etc. All controlled by "the elite", and NOT TO THE ULTIMATE BENEFIT OF MANKIND.

Please understand me here; these are all facts. I am not creating hype based on crap and a lack of research and knowledge. It is all fact.

Now the question arises: How do we believers in ONE peace , love and harmony, deal with these facts? We who have love and the natural fruits of love, let's team up together and give LOVE to all life from a foundation of TRUTH.

So, yes, let's show a lot of love, peace, harmony and compassion for all people and hopefully, with this true and honorable , pure and holy intention - we might make a difference in the world. Fighting this threat by way of war, civil unrest or rebellion against it won't do it, right? Let's love-um.

Further peace in your life,

Vaughan. ONE for All - All for ONE. Real FREEDOM.
Comment by George Williston on January 10, 2010 at 3:33am
Hi Vaughn,
God is love and we are all a small piece of God. some of us are born into cultures that don't know how to cultivate the natural love that flows through our hearts into the world. Some cultures actually cultivate selfishness and domination as virtues. the Anglo saxon cultures do.
Comment by Vaughan Jones on January 10, 2010 at 12:17am
My dear Jussara,

Thank you, you are right, of course. Peace is one of the natural results, or fruit, of love. It is difficult to explain why some of us have a natural abundance of love to give, while others have it to a certain degree, and yet others hardly seem to have it at all. It scares me to think that the last-mentioned group probably have much simpler and easier lives, because they also don't have the fruits of love which include; peace, kindness, tolerance, long suffering, patience, goodness, etc. So their main focus is themselves and their own troubles, needs and pleasures.

Maybe we should band together and announce to the powers and the world at large that we seek to live in peace, harmony, love, etc., with no pre-judgment of, or prejudice towards anyone or any religion. Thanks for your thoughts. Please think some more and add your further thoughts.

L, P, J, H and all blessings,

Vaughan. ONE for All - All for ONE.
Comment by Vaughan Jones on January 9, 2010 at 2:17pm
Thank you for reading this and for your comments. Irecently posted another comment to a Peace group which I attach.

Please give me your further thoughts.

Hi buds,
Yes, defining love is very difficult, because one is immediately faced with a plethora of possible meanings in modern language. Here's a piece of what I posted in another social network which states my belief on the topic.

To love and to be loved.

Many wonder whether outward love is real, and why some of us seem to have it, while others don't. This seems like a strange phenomenon, almost a contrasting phenomenon. But isn't it strange that we don't all have it, automatically.

To have love in one's inner being is a choice and to give love truly and unconditionally, if one has it, is also a choice. It is there, in all of us, but whether we acknowledge it and use it is all a matter of choice. Equally so is the ability to receive love graciously and unselfishly.

Some of us believe that we can change the world from a prison of strife, hatred and greedy competition, to a free life of love, peace and harmony. I believe we can, but it begins with love.

No love - no respect - disorder - unruliness - continual strife.

No love - no patience.

No love - no kindness - no caring.

No love - no tolerance.

No love - no appreciation.

No love - no unconditional giving of time and effort.

No love - no freedom.

No love - crime and worse.


Robbie Williams has it spot on in one of his songs, "If you're willing to change":

"If you're willing to change the world

Let love be your energy

I can't contain how I feel

When Your love shines down on me.

If you're willing to change the world

Let love be your energy

I've got all that I need

When Your love shines down on me."

I hope I got the lyrics right, I think I did, because this is a song I love to play on my guitar and sing. Hope Robbie doesn't mind me quoting him.

How is it then that some seem to be able to quench Godly love and others, like myself, just cannot help but TO LOVE. It irritates me, but I cannot hate and my default emotion is always love based.

COME ON ALL - Let's let LOVE be our energy; let's always show love and the fruits of love in every moment of each day. All is energy, which exists in and around us. We are energy. I send blessings of love along these energy waves to you all.

Peace, love and harmony to everyone.

Vaughan Jones.

Comment by George Williston on January 9, 2010 at 1:57pm
So very true Vaugh. So much of our reality is programmed by our family and the larger group of those around us who teach us how to view the world.

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