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Single-player and Buy FIFA 14 PC Coins multiplayer games have proven to be extremely different from each other, because elements of one simply don't apply to the other. As such, a game developer must choose to either risk allocating resources to both elements or risk emphasizing one over the other. It's a tightrope act that exists entirely along the periphery of the rest of the game design project. I think most players would probably agree that virtually any multiplayer game they like would have benefited from more testing time. This goes to show that it must be extremely difficult for game designers these days to decide just how much time and money to justify spending on a particular part of a game.

Of course, no one said anything about game design being easy. At least the simple fact remains that now more than ever multiplayer games are perfectly viable and are actually more likely to be successful than single-player games. For instance, Red Alert 2, EverQuest, Half-Life, and even Vampire owe their success and their longevity to their multiplayer communities. Even so, single-player-focused games like The Sims and Baldur's Gate II still manage to be very popular. And so, I think what's most important is for game designers and publishers to be very explicit about developing and marketing their games with either single-player or multiplayer modes, or with both elements in mind. That way, those companies reduce the risk of consumers and critics getting disappointed about what really ought to be a fundamental design issue.

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Comment by Linda123 on January 21, 2014 at 6:20am

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