PRAYER TO MOTHER by Swamy Sivanandaji

Salutations to the Divine Mother who exists in all beings in the form of intelligence, mercy
and beauty, salutations, O Sweet Mother, the consort of Lord Siva. O Mother Parvati! Thou art
Lakshmi, Thou art Sarasvati. Thou art Kali, Durga and Kundalini Shakti. Thou art in the form of all
objects. Thou art the sole refuge of all. Thou hast enchanted the whole world. The whole universe is
the play of Thy three Gunas. How can I praise Thee? Thy glory is indescribable. Thy splendour is
ineffable. Protect me. Guide me, O Loving Mother!
O Adorable Mother! Thou hast generated this great illusion by which all people walk
deluded in this world. All sciences have come from Thee. Without Thy grace, no one can get
success in spiritual Sadhana and salvation in the end. Thou art the seed for this world. Thou hast two
aspects, viz., the unmanifested aspect or Avyaktam and the manifested aspect or the gross universe.
The whole world gets dissolved in Avyaktam during Pralaya. Give me the divine eye. Let me
behold Thy real majestic form. Help me to cross over this illusion, O Kind Mother!
O Compassionate Mother! I bow to Thee. Thou art my saviour. Thou art my goal. Thou art
my sole support. Thou art my guide and the remover of all afflictions, troubles and miseries. Thou
art the embodiment of auspiciousness. Thou pervadest the whole universe. The whole universe is
filled with Thee. Thou art the store-house of all qualities. Do Thou protect me. I again and again
salute Thee. O Glorious Mother! Salutations to Thee. All women are Thy parts. Mind, egoism,
intellect, body, Prana, senses, are Thy forms. Thou art Para Shakti and Apara Prakriti. Thou art
electricity, magnetism, force, energy, power and will. All forms are Thy forms only. Reveal to me
the mystery of creation. Bestow on me the divine knowledge.
O Loving Mother! Thou art the primal energy. Thou hast two aspects, namely, the terrible
and peaceful. Thou art modesty, gentleness, shyness, generosity, courage, forbearance and
patience. Thou art faith in the heart of devotees and generosity in noble people, chivalry in warriors
and ferocity in tigers. Give me strength to control the mind and the Indriyas. Make me worthy to
dwell in Thee. Salutations unto Thee.
O Mother Supreme! When shall I have equal vision and placid state of mind? When shall I
be established in Ahimsa, Satyam and Brahmacharya? When shall I have Thy cosmic vision? When
shall I get deep abiding peace and perennial joy? When shall I enter into deep meditation and
O Radiant Mother! I have not done any spiritual Sadhana or service of teachers. I have not
practised any Vrata, pilgrimage, charity, Japa and meditation or worship. I have not studied
religious scriptures. I have neither discrimination nor dispassion. I have neither purity nor burning
desire for liberation. Thou art my sole refuge. Thou art my only support. My silent adorations unto
Thee. I am Thy meek suppliant. Remove the veil of ignorance.
O Gracious Mother! Prostrations unto Thee. Where art Thou? Do not forsake me. I am Thy
child. Take me to the other shore of fearlessness and joy. When shall I behold Thy lotus feet with
my own eyes? Thou art the boundless ocean of mercy. When philosopher’s stone turns iron into
gold by contact, when the Ganges turns impure water into pure water, can’st Thou not turn me, O
Divine Mother, into a pure soul? May my tongue repeat Thy Name always!
(Sri Swami Sivananda in GEMS OF PRAYERS

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