Raman tensor on the graphite material suppliers

d other factors, lead to the failure of several test methods.
Recently, the Chinese academy of sciences researcher at the institute of semiconductor Tan Pingheng and its doctoral xiao-li li put forward the use of support graphene multilayer dielectric substrate placed Raman intensity of vibration mode to test samples of graphene in the multilayer dielectric substrate layer.Laser from the air through the graphene into multi-layer dielectric substrate, the intensity of the laser will be absorbed by multilayer graphene part, at the same time, laser in graphene with multilayer dielectric substrate will happen in the complex system composed of multiple high purity graphite reflection and interference, the incident to the substrate of the laser intensity is also affected by the influence of the reflection and interference.At the same time, the substrate was excited by laser Raman signals through the medium layer further multiple reflection and interference occurs again and by the graphite suppliers absorption of graphene layers, from the microscopic objective collection and detection.Therefore, covered by graphene (I) (SiG) and is not covered by the graphene (I) (Si0) substrate Raman signal strength than I (SiG)/I (Si0) is closely related to the graphene layers and monotonous relation, can be used to identify the graphene layers.Team to SiO2 / Si substrate for instance, the widespread use of graphene layers were analyzed with transfer matrix method, silicon dioxide layer thickness, microscopic numerical aperture of the objective and substrate Raman tensor on the graphite material suppliers I (SiG)/I (Si0), the answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20150706174448AA6n9k4 influence of found china graphite that when the numerical aperture of the objective is less https://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20150706174448AA6n9k4 than 0.5, theoretical curves agree well with the experimental results, the sample can be set for multilayer graphene layers.Team also studied the ion implantation into defects of multilayer graphene, found the I (SiG)/I (Si0) value and the existence of http://www.boom247.com/ads/company-to-graphite-material-suppliers defects.Therefore, this method can avoid the defects in the sample and sample stacking way http://pmhelpline.com/natural-graphite-producing-one/ between the layers of different factors on the layer number of

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