Shoes around the foot, it is now common sense is known to all.But if the time can back to 100 years ago, shoes foot, or an alternative.About the shoes, Fuggs the ancient called "freight shoes", the ancients is not wear, for thousands of years, the ancient people wear shoes all around all the time.
All around it is difficult to wear shoes?Not too!Ancient shoe materials are very soft, such as shoes, sandals, hemp or use animal skins also deal with very soft.And,Fake UGGs the ancients shoes done relatively loose, size is larger, there will be no wear or grinding the feet.Interestingly, do not speak the ancient shoe size, only said shoe number, called "foot which".
Although the shoes all around, but the ancient people buy shoes or speak about.When I try on shoes, tend to stretch the left foot first, as long as can wear under his left foot,Fake UGGs For Sale right foot doesn't have to try.This is because, a man's left foot slightly longer than his right foot, with the opposite hand.In ancient times, and also is famous for excessively long left foot, such as the prime minister of chu Sun Shu ao, in "xun zi, the phase and the" left ".
For shoes all around, the ancient lasts only one shoe.In fact,Replica UGG Boots the shoes all around foreign versa, western shoes about less than 200 years ago, appeared in 1818, the United States.China's first pair of points about shoes, was born in 1876, successfully trial-produced by Shanghai pudong people Shen Binggen, visible shoes about history is very short.

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