Greetings to you all,

It is news like this that I receive daily:

The short note below my list here came (Tuesday). Dr. Uwonda is our newest CEO for Peace Of the World International and is located in the DR Congo.
"Dear Dr Sophia, I had a painfull event, I lost my mother in law since a week; so I had no time to go on with my contacts for recommandation letters. I will send them to Norbert, as there is somebody coming to US next week. Dr Uwonda"

Monday morning, our CEO in South Africa who has built a sheltering house for women there who have been ostracized due to diagnosis of HIV/Aids, she herself is now close to loosing her home.

Monday evening, our CEO in Cameroon was robbed by gun-point along with several of his neighbors.

Last Sunday as I chatted with one of our board officers in Kenya, I was told that he was near starvation, but he, according to him "will be alright." Several weeks before, his brother had been in a horrific auto accident and was still recovering.

The week before last, I received email notice from another of our board members in Kenya who runs a home for street children. Her husband was killed during the election uprising in Kenya back in March and since his death she has been struggling to keep the home open. She is near loosing it.

Some weeks before this, our CEO in Ghana shared in a chat session that due to shortage of water, electricity was off nearly 18 of every 24 hours a day for weeks with no end in sight.

Back in late September, our POWI branch president in Liberia is pleading with me for just a few items for the street children with whom she works so that "they may have a nice Christmas." They need: Shoes, elementary school textbooks, used children's clothing, underwear for children and women, bath soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste, ethnic hair products plus shampoo and conditioner, deodorant, food items.

Several months before that, a dear close friend called from Kenya in great spiritual and mental distress -- he had lost his business, his home, and all that he had in the world in the election violence in March.

An earlier conversation with one of our Board members in Kenya who is also the director for a school for orphans, expressed anxiety as several children were missing -- lost somewhere during the election unrest.

My days and nights are filled with such news as these people are my friends. They tell me these things not so much because they think that I can do anything about their situations immediately, but because they know that I am deeply concerned and will pray, call upon on my resources, solicit all possible aid and see (in my mind's eye) a wholy outcome and do all else that I can to find assistance to help them in their need.

Please join me in sending love, light, and knowing that appropriate resources find their way to help these who are in need. If you know of anyone who can be of assistance in any of these situations, please write to me here.

Blessed to be a Blessing,

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