Some graphite manufacturers experts believe that the current graphene

16 high-tech enterprises;Wuxi was founded in December 2013, graphene demonstration area of industrial development, to join hands in China graphene graphene industrial park industry technology innovation strategic alliance, successfully produced out Philippine electronics, new energy product remit such industry leaders.The economic information daily, reporter rough statistics, in addition to jiangsu, chongqing, ningbo, Qingdao, deyang, hebei, Beijing and other places also in graphene industry layout.Chongqing graphene as one of the top ten strategic emerging industries.Released the ningbo ningbo graphene long-term technological china graphite innovation and industrial development plan (2014-2023) ", will strive to ningbo in 10 years turned into the world's biggest graphene raw materials production base, in 2023, associated industry output value one hundred billion yuan.
Some graphite manufacturers experts believe that the current graphene heat and in shipbuilding, photovoltaic investment impulse, reflects the deep-rooted speculative enterprise and government.A graphene, head of the enterprise and even the truth, this is entrepreneur's blind, but it is more a local GDP impulse, is behind the risk of "bubble".
Strong upstream downstream weakBooming in graphene industry in China, but strong upstream downstream weak light, heavy scientific research application, stunt work less reality become to breakthrough the bottleneck of industrial development.Now, our country the graphene films and powder preparation of preliminary realization of mass production, even has the world's biggest graphene production line.But in the higher value-added, application more widely graphene industry downstream, our country is still weak.Changzhou sixth element material technology co., LTD. General manager qu research, said the next five years, will become a trillion-dollar industry graphene, mostly embodied in the downstream application."Now several major international companies a lot on buying graphene powders, to research and development of the downstream applications, is e

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