Some Improvements On Clubs In FIFA 16

Ah see you guys get what I mean, it's just never really got the attention it deserves! Tattoos etc like you said would make the game just that bit better with Fifa 16 coins android! It's just the same every time a new FIFA comes out... Oh create pro using same functions, buy boosts from catalogue, same traits that they've had since FIFA 11/12, try and earn accomplishments to make pro better (pretty much all the same accomplishments from FIFA 11/12).

And then go into a broken Cup mode which you get merged into other people's teams, or play divisions against people who park the bus from the off and launch long balls all game, oh and don't forget the AI being either incredible or really bad, just a random roll of the dice who's side it'l be on really. It just needs so much work but it's no different year in year out...

This game causes more stress than any game, year after year it gets worse, scripting is over powering in this game! Clubs used to be good in fifa 10(The best club days) They ruined a good game, i couldn't care about tattoes or boots etc all i want is a game that works, where EA don't choose if its your game or their's.

Everyone has they're own style of play and its the last thing we want is EA controlling and making choices for us, just let us be free, why do you need to overide our play and make crappy decisions. Make things more simple its a game, you can't tell who is good or not anymore in this game, no competition when your destiny is already writen on each play.

I don't know why i keep buying this game every year, hoping they will bring back the old days where competetive played mattered and where there was a learing curve, now i just feel cheated most games i play, or i feel like my team is invinsible and my opponants team is handicapped where i have a massive advantage which i feel bad for them. This game is broken, they broke a good game, why have a leaderboard on this game anymore??

When clearly this game is unfair, don't know if i should laugh or cry anymore, not bragging or anything i know how good i am, been on leaderboards and everything on fifa 10 and 11, was no 2 world any on clubs and my team '' moonwalkers'' was one of the most feared teams by others and eveyone wanted to play in this team, now can't have a 20 streak without losing to the script, div 1 is so nasty, laggy and what happen to lobbies??? I cnt find a decent player to play clubs with now, its so hard to find players now, why do i need to search on the forum for players??

Lobbies was a place where you can find what your looking for, serious EA sort this out!! Give us what we want! I could'nt care about the graphics and how realistic the audiance looks or bloody handballs or tatooes! We want a working game for our Fifa coins! You guys are so money hungry, you make billions and yet you can't fix this game! Give us a working game, i had so much love for this game now i have grey hair! If you could give a red card for cheaters then i can to, i give you the red card for cheating us! I know this game is too big to boycott but if i could i would, Please people lets show this company and give them a sign what real players want. ''SAY NO TO SCRIPTING''

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