I recently finished reading Greg Mortenson’s dramatic new book Stones
into Schools: Promoting Peace with Books, Not Bombs, in Afghanistan and
and I highly recommend this book.

(1) It is a great follow-up to Mortenson’s #1 bestseller Three Cups
of Tea,
although it is not necessary to have first read Three
Cups of Tea
as Stones into Schools summarizes prior
happenings and the whole story falls into place quite nicely.

(2) Stones into Schools brings the reader a clear understanding
of how gifts to Mortenson’s nonprofit Central Asia Institute (CAI) work
to promote peace through education. More than 130 schools have already
been established, most of them for girls, in remote regions of Pakistan
and Afghanistan.

(3) Afghanistan and Pakistan are very much in today’s news and will play
an important role in events of tomorrow affecting us and the rest of
the world. Stones into Schools brings its readers important
information about the geography and people of Afghanistan and Pakistan
that can help us better understand what is happening there and what we
can do to help.

(4) Stones into Schools is a great read about what dedicated
people can do to make the world a better place.

When copies of Stones into Schools are purchased from Amazon
using this link, the CAI can receive up to 9% of the proceeds.


If you have already read Stones into Schools, or when you do in
the future, I would be interested in your thoughts, feelings and

With peace and reverence,
John Webster

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