Tampa Bay Buccaneers iPhone 6 Cases friends are very excited

Now, Plus 6/6 iPhone has been on the market for a long time, many friends also have their own iPhone 6, whether America, hk and mainland version and edition, its default snow mountain Milky Way wallpaper must give you left a deep impression. And the picture of the photographer is not a member of the apple, but from photographer Espen Haagensen. Tampa Bay Buccaneers iPhone 6 Cases Professional photographers image community editors of 500 px Klassy Goldberg recently interviewed on him, know the story behind this wallpaper.
To be chosen for apple, snow mountain Milky Way
When the snow mountain Milky Way figure display in front of the global apple users, Espen Haagensen are busy preparing for his wedding. "My friends are very excited to make a phone call to come over to ask me, is the picture I took on the iPhone 6. My answer is, then I don't know, maybe." In an interview, Espen Haagensen said.
When Espen Haagensen opened Mac query about the iPhone 6 release information, suddenly found himself the photo is the "flying". Although a few months before the conference, Tennessee Titans iPhone 6 Cases apple has contacted Haagensen want to get this photo is authorized the use of and spread but Haagensen and didn't expect to eventually become the iPhone photos plus 6/6 of pre-loaded with wallpaper. Of course Haagensen think pictures can be apple, is a pleasure thing.
That the apple be picky after photo how take out? According to the introduction of Haagensen, this photo was taken in December last year, a few years ago he often hiking with the Norwegian society mountaineering team to a place called Finse go skiing, and photo was shot in Finse. Has just entered the ski season in Norway and Finse HuaXueDe is ideal, but because the weather is changeable, Washington Redskins iPhone 6 Cases not sure it will snow, so Haagensen there usually bring photographic equipment.
500 px parameters displayed on the pictures
When filming this Zhang Yinhe figure, Haagensen use the Canon and nikon d3 camera May 14 to 24 mm ultra wide Angle lens and full-size Gitzo tripod. Night before Haagensen took a few photos, then disappear to landed the moon in the sky, the quiet of a galactic figure was born. Before on 500 px, Haagensen Photoshop Lightroom, is used to adjust the resolution, make it look more obvious "Milky Way", at the same time to calibrate the fine-tuning.

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