By james a. galgano


You came into this distracted view without obvious desired intention

Your heavenly grin evoked more than venial sin or mother of invention

There was a purpose in those eyes and limbs spread across unwritten page

As if to tantalize they navigated their course into each lonesome heart

They sought to secure a foothold while laying claim to every emotion

Each and every lurking gaze was your quest and calculated devotion

For in each humble hope longing for reciprocation and dreamt destiny

You laid your claim to encapsulate leering commitment to your revelry

Your desire was to lay captive to every hope and distant dream insecure

Within your calculated claim to conquer each thought you surmised impure

To render to your inevitable goal the grip you sought of their longing inflamed

For there in those humble eyes and heart you found a target you could claim

As your own their lingering desiring where you know the longed to forever be

If their love were your victim you surmised you could make them yours eternally

While being able to subjugate their unreachable star into your own desired destiny



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