My heart is filled with sorrow as more and more information is coming in about the atrocities in Gaza. Here in Norway a doctor is sending out eye-witness reports about how horrible the situation is. Will it ever end?

The conflict seem to be without an end.
We as outstanders have sympathy with both sides. Horrible things have been done against both peolples, and I do not think they will ever be able to solve this conflict by themselves. Too many hard feelings are there.

A norwegian peacekeeper managed to gather both Itzak Rabin, Peres and Arafat together in a peace-treaty called the Oslo agreement. That is more than 10 years ago.
Since then very little has been done to really solve this conflict.
A couple of years ago there was actually a very good proposition about a consistent peace-plan and it was announced by, believe it or not, Saudi Arabia. But who has heard about that peaceplan today, and who has accknowledged that it really was a good peace plan.
Noone has, and noone probably ever will, because Israel and Palestine manage to always send ut the messeage of revenge, hot blood, cold blood and none of resilience.

We all know how this conflict started. Europe had a bad conscience concearning the jews so they wanted to give them their own state.
In my point of view Europe are the ones who has started this conflict, and Europe ought to be the ones who ends it. They need to take their responsibility, but they wont do it.
They would have the army power to go down to Israel, hold to the two peolpes seperated and in peacecamps, unarmed. That is the only sensible solution to this conflict.
The onle problem is that europe is no longer a continent where action, rightousness, and stability is honored. As the Kossovo conflict continued month after month, europe did little to solve it.
So we can pray, we can hope, we can light candles.
But the conflict boils down to
europeans with a bad concience
who wanted to squeeze a lot of jews into a piece of land who no longer belonged to them.
Then we have the israelis who continually violates the agreement about leaving the Gaza strip as have been agreed upon in the UN.
Then we have the americans who decides to go into a meeting with the intention that no "product" will ever come from this meeting in the security council. In other words peace preventing attitude (as we have seen so many times during the Bush regime).

So my predicion is;
we will still have this conflict in ten years time,
unless the europeans will end it,
or if a major war will end it all.

Still in my heart Peace prevails.

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