The Destiny of Man - Part-1 By Swami Sivananda

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I was greatly blessed to read this article and this article has further concreted my spiritual quest to dive deep inside and to understand the misconception I had, hope by the grace of the lord we all will be blessed to speed up our internal journey to have that experience. Hence thought to share this which can benefit all of us. Pl read patiently at your leisure time.


The Destiny of Man

Blessed immortal souls, beloved children of the Divine!

When we speak of the destiny of man we don’t speak of a special human being or a historical person, but we speak very much of ourselves—today—here—in this world of the fourth quarter of our very
troubled yet eventful 20th century.

What is our destiny? Man wants to know and scans the newspapers, he listens to the radio, he views occurrences all over the globe on the television screen. He wants to know what is going on in this world,
what is happening to man, what man is doing to man and where this world is heading. He tries to look ahead and to have a glimpse of what is in stall for man.

But our concern today is not so much to know this in a superficial way, for what is happening upon the surface soon every schoolboy comes to know. A few years ago what was man’s destiny? Was it to remain bound to the earth or was it to fly into outer space? They said: "We can even reach the moon!" "Can we or
can we not?"—"Is it possible?"—All these speculations came to an end when man actually landed on the moon. The question was no more there—it had become a fact, a scientific truth. So scientifically the destiny of man may be to conquer outer space, land on the Mars or some other planet. But what he achieves from this is not known.

So it is in a deeper sense that we want to know man’s destiny or perhaps as it has been conceived by a cosmic mind, by a supreme intelligence and power that is imponderable, that is far beyond the furthest comprehension of the human intellect, that transcends reason—that mastermind that has brought about this amazing cosmos where heavenly bodies move about in an absolutely correct, precise, systematical manner, keeping to their courses, maintaining the same rate of speed in outer space and demonstrating an incredibly predictable behavior.

Those who are masters of astrophysics and astronomy can say exactly what the movements of certain planets will be, how many years hence will Haley’s comet appear next? They are able to chart its course,
calculate its speed and predict its appearance. See, from within the sight of man on earth this is not an ordinary achievement. But it is possible. Because there is a system working there with absolute precision and accuracy that makes it possible for man to predict certain things. It is not a chaos, it is an orderly system. To manufacture even a small simple machine, a watch, a timepiece, a little timer, man has to make so many calculations, he has to make the wheels of exact dimension and shape with the exact number
of teeth, he has to bring all his intelligence and observation, his concentrated attention, his skillful action. And when it is old, it is discarded and one buys another one... To produce such a small machinery so much of intelligence, calculations, skill is necessary. And this vast, imponderable, amazing thing which we call cosmos, our solar system, sun, moon and the terrestrial world, the innumerable stars, the mind-blowing distances, staggering in their magnitude—do you think it came about without the combination of some great incomprehensible master intelligence and master power and master skill? The cosmic intelligence, the universal mind is that which we call—we don’t know what...

Kant, the great German philosopher, had no name for it. He called it "the thing in itself". For when nothing was, IT only was. And IT itself knew what IT was. There was no other, no second one to know it. Therefore he called it "THE THING IN ITSELF". Thousands of years ago, long before the time of even Jesus Christ, the great mystic and Prophet Moses went into the wilderness, prayed, did penance and tried to attune himself to the Invisible, to the Infinite. Humbly he tried to know IT, sought ITS guidance, ITS help. And a strange power made itself manifest in response to Moses’ quest. He felt it, it guided him. And he wanted to know by what name he could refer to it, by what name he could call it.
And that being said: "I AM THAT I AM". I am that I am. What else can I say? I am that being existing by itself. I alone know what I am. I exist—I know that I exist. I am that cosmic intelligence self-cognizing, for in that state of absoluteness I am alone. There is no other, no second. I pervade all. I exist by myself,
supremely independent, supremely non-dual. I am that I am.

Great Indian sages like the Buddha went to the depth of thought and attained llumination—they said: "The only way you can describe or define or state that thing is to be silent.”SILENCE". If you say anything you say wrongly. You cannot define it. To say anything is to limit it, for human expression, human language is limited, is finite. Therefore silence is the one and only way in which you can express the inexpressible. SILENCE.

The philosopher Plotinus observed all things in this world and found them wanting.He found that they were all limited and finite, finite in time and space, limited by name and form. Nothing was full, nothing complete,
something was there, and something else was not there. He found that all things here were fragmentary, partial, wanting. Therefore he called the ultimate reality, that imponderable, absolute, transcendental
reality "THE SUPREME PLENUM". The only thing which is all full, all perfect, not limited, not bound by anything.

Thus great philosophers, great mystics, those who have entered into the transcendental experience of that supreme cosmic power-intelligence, they were silent about it. But they knew that it existed beyond the
least shadow of a doubt, because this cosmos is proof positive of that great intelligence and power of the Universal Being. No other proof is necessary. This universe itself bears witness of something beyond,
something imponderable. That then is the Being that can tell you something about the destiny of man. For it is your source and origin, that is your invisible support and ultimate fulfillment. In that you have come into being, in that you exist, in that you ultimately have to merge. Man—whence—where—whither? It is the Cosmic Mind that knows it.

Because having come into this phenomenal existence, we are also bound by its limitations. We can only think in categories, in an objectivised way. The mind cannot think without an object, a name, a form. By its
very nature absolute thought is only a concept, because the mind is conditioned. It can only move within the field of relative thinking. Everything is known in comparison to some other thing that is also previously known in relation to some other thing. Whether a thing is high or low, short or tall, all this is known in relation to something else. All thought processes are limited by the very nature of the mind.

!!! Will continue !!!

Chant the Mahamantra Nama kirtan:
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Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare
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