The SERMON ON THE MOUNT by SANANDA (NOT from the Bible! )


My friends, sisters and brothers,

To go into the silence, to call the divine source, is THE nourishment for the soul in your human body. In the silence rules the soul, which opens itself for you. In the silence do you experience the power of the source, which you can manifest in your life.
So let me show you how you will reach the source itself with the words arising from your soul.
Beloved I AM in the source, and out of the source which watches over my being, and of which you also are a part.
Beloved source, what breathes in me and breathes through me. It weaves through and illuminates everything, in your own being creating itself and living.

Sanctify my life on earth.

Establish yourself more and more in my body, so the kingdom of love gets reality on earth.
Let me find and live peace on earth, which your being expresses. Let me myself be peace.
Give me the bread and the beverage of life, which fills my heart with refreshment and do let me be free of every quarrel and anger.

Fulfill me with the power of love to ALL THAT IS and to each who meets my path, by integrating yourself more and more in myself and becoming a strong part of my life on earth.

Let me feel yourself inside me at first every morning, where my body wipes of the sleep.
Help me always to remember myself, that only the love to myself and to ALL THAT IS can lift upwards the earth to a radiating place of divinity.

Help me in all concerns to be what I am in truth.

Help me to recognize my own limitations for what they are in truth and thereby break open the chains of human limitation.

Help me to see in every human being the divinity, which is inherent in everything.

Oh, you breathing light of life, fill me and the mankind with the peace of light and help me to live myself as divine manifestation in my I AM .

I AM a pure creation by the sound of the source.

I AM the light of the source and I am opening up to her power that flows from today on through me into this world.

I AM love and perfection.

This is the one truth on earth.

If you like to be free of guilty consciences, then forgive yourself. When you forgave yourself, you can and will never again transform guilt to another human being. When you like to be free in yourself then be, love and live how and what you really are.

Be authentic and genuine. Your multidimensional soul knows what you are. She knows how you are. She knows you better as you know yourself. Therefore be as you are. Confess yourself to your being and live yourself, because you can´t fool your soul, how you would like to appear.

Go in love and sympathy through your life. Be a light for yourself, for the human beings and for the world. The kingdom of heaven and the kingdom of the source are only to find in one place : in yourself.

Blissful are the strong in spirit, they overcome the fear, strengthen the weak ones and let their divinity shine.

Blissful are those, which walk full of spiritual humility through their way of life, because they will carry out the greatness of their soul into the world. They will give the starveling to eat and the thirsty to drink from their light and love.

Blissful are those, which are poor in believing in the scriptures, because they will not accept the limitations of the world, because they are in perfect unity with their soul and know that nothing is impossible.

Be full of courage and live the sentiment of your soul, when the people deny and ridicule you or talk badly about you because of your light-full words. In all times the seers and the prophets, which saw the light of the soul, have been met with hostility and laughed at.

If this happens, don´t be angry with those, which do this to you. Raise your head full of inner divinity and look at their darkened hearts. Find the perfect and divine reflection of this human and send him the light of the source. You will know, that the reflection of the divine human being has nothing in common with this human. And when the reflection awakes, this human will also be a perfect expression of the being, like you already are.

Don´t judge about others, who walk on supposed wrong ways, because they will be awakened, when their time has come. So like you judge about others, so your soul will measure you. Therefore meet every human being with respect of the greatness of his true soul, even if he wasn´t aware of it.

Withdraw from the temptations of the outer world. Avoid bread and games for the crowd, because they will remove you from yourself. Find the joy in yourself and in all things of the world, that fill your heart with joy and love. Do practice to be moderate in everything. See to it, that joy about life fills your life in all her splendor.

Be always in the state of sympathy with all which have less and are less awakened than you. Give everyone your hand, as far as you can, and help, where your heart is telling you, that your help is needed.

Be always in that place and in that company, which will present yourself and your soul power and strength. Avoid those people, which irritate you, which deny your and their own inner light. Find those, which are a light or want to be a light for this world like you. Then go back together and illuminate the dark places of the earth with the light that radiates by you.

Give always the weak ones the strength of your inner power. Help those, which can´t help themselves, which get ridiculed, get despised and/or used of. Call this I AM of this human and ask on behalf of your next one for support. See always in everybody and in everything the perfection which is based in all that is.

You are the light of this earth. You are elected and appointed, to let your light shine in your world. Thus the earth will get a place, which shines with eternal peace of love.

Raise your head, walk royal through your life and shine. Then you will be a magnet for all, which are still looking for the light.
The scriptures gave to you the ten commandments. But I will say to you, you only need one commandment for a life in peace and joy on earth. This commandment reads :
Treat the other like you want to be treated.

When all mankind considers this commandment, then the earth is a place full of human being, you will never be able to manifest it more beautiful and more joyful.

Everything you earn and acquire in this world is transient. The only thing immortal on earth that is your soul and your experience you get. Therefore appreciate your experiences and don´t get your heart caught by the things of this world. Enjoy them and love them, but do not depend on them. Do not worry about your daily bread, as long as you walk on the way of your soul, poverty and misery will not affect you. Do fulfill the task you yourself did choose before incarnation and your multidimensional soul in the source herself will prepare your way and lead you on the ways, which grant your physical well-being.

Find and keep the divine light in your heart and look for it in every human heart you will meet.

Who gives love, will be loved.

Who grants forgiveness, receives forgiveness.

Who gives without expecting, will become enriched with the gifts of the source herself.

You will always reap what you sow, therefore watch your thoughts, your words and your actions, then this are the seeds you are sowing. Like the seed, so is the fruit.

If you notice that a human fails, do not judge. Look instead into yourself and search for the resonance inside of you. Only that is disturbing you at another one, what you refuse to believe in yourself. Release your shadows and the mirror in your next one will be clearing. Then he will only reflect your own mirror-image full of light. Look careful, where you keep rests of hostility in yourself and release them.

If you want to be a light in the world, then light yourself first. A pure heart and a clear look are the pioneers for your way home. Never again place your light under the bushel, but shine like a bright star at the nightly heaven, so that other people will find their way in the darkness.

Do not missionary work, because many human beings cling too extremely on these objects of this world. The divine energy of the source is too fine, for those people to feel. They choose a different way. A teacher of wisdom fetches the student at his spot of progress. He only gives him as much information as he is able to assimilate.

If you are lacking sometimes the necessary far-sightedness, please ask your multidimensional soul to control your words.
Knock and it will be opened for you, ask, and it will be given to you, if your intention is pure. Never has a higher being, your I AM, or the source herself, disregarded an honest request, a request that is beneficial for mankind and/or earth.

What you hope for and long for of the source, your soul, your life on earth, give those people you will meet on your way. Do give and it will be given to you, share your knowledge and it will be increasing. Radiate light and blessing throughout the world and you will be blessed.

So go and create your life on the rock of truth and the love to ALL THAT IS. Then you will be sacrosanct for every arbitrariness outsides, and your throne will radiate the shine of the source in you.

So it is !


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