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The Venus Factor - Does The Venus Factor program really works? What is The Venus Factor all about? The Venus Factor a scam? Is it possible to lose weight using The Venus factor System? Learn the real truth about The Venus Factor in my honest The Venus Factor Review below:

Product Name: The Venus Factor
Product Author: John Barban
The Venus Factor System Page: CLICK HERE
Money Back Guarantee: Yes
Refund: 60 Days
Bonuses: Yes

If you have ever wanted to completely overhaul your body in record time, to enjoy the strong, sexy, lean body that so many women have been trying to build for years and years now – without all of the hassle and headache usually associated with this journey – you’re going to want to pay close attention to this Venus Factor review. One of the most influential diet programs for women out there today, the Venus Factor is an absolute game changer when it comes to the best way to lose weight!

A rapid weight loss, body shaping, toning and conditioning system with a difference. The difference is – it works!

You may not want to work out. You may just want to lose weight and look great. Good. Venus is still for you! That’s because it’s designed specifically for women. Even better, it’s designed specifically for YOUR NEEDS. That’s right – it’s tailored to your specific goals, requirements and objectives.

The Venus Factor Real Review

What is The Venus factor?

The Venus Factor is a diet program tailored for women who want to lose weight. Written by the renowned fitness and nutrition expert John Barban, it’s simple approach to dieting, including apps such as The Virtual Nutritionist and The Venus Community, has made it into one of the most popular weight loss programs.

Its a 12 weeks weight loss program which has been specifically designed for re-balance the hormones responsible for appetite and weight gain. In addition to Nutrition and Dietary advice, the venus factor includes a detailed exercise program tailored specifically for the women body. The workout program has also been specifically designed so you can do it at home if you prefer not to go to the gym. Thats a good news for many women that prefer to avoid the gym at least for the first few weeks.

The Venus Factor - Does it works?

The important thing to understand about this diet plan for women (the Venus Factor system) is that it has been designed and developed from the ground to be the most complete way to lose weight but also the safest, fastest, and most reliable. On top of that, this isn't just a program that has been designed to help you lose fat (though that is the major focus of this program). It’s also going to help you tone and tighten your entire body, giving you that very attractive, sexy, and sleek body you've always dreamed without having to spend hours and hours in the gym for throwing out all of your favorite foods! This is because the entire program is created by a world-class nutritionist, researcher, and personal fitness fanatic John Barban.

Suffice to say, this is a brand-new approach to melting fat from your body while at the same time building muscle – small amounts of muscle, in just of right places – to tone your body and make you look fantastic all at the exact same time! The whole backbone of the Venus Factor system is the idea of a leptin diet. We'll talk about the leptin diet in just a second, but it’s important you understand this foundational building block has been proven time and time again to be the best way to lose weight for women. There’s just nothing else like it on the planet!

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What is this Leptin Diet?

The Venus Factors system is built around the idea of controlling and manipulating the amount of leptin that the female body produces on a regular basis to influence rapid weight loss in a safe and enjoyable way. You see, women naturally produce considerably more leptin than men a day to day basis. Leptin, a hormone that is released into the female body in much higher rates than in men, is a major player behind the scenes in the world of weight loss – and actually can help to produce stunning weight loss results if it is triggered properly through diet.

You see, even though women have more leptin in their bodies, because of this high percentage there are other hormones that are released at the exact same time that were to counterbalance or stifle the power that left enhance to dramatically destroy fat wherever it is found. When you eat a diet that basically triggers a reduction in leptin, the hormones that opposed leptin reseed as well – which tips the scales in favor of fat loss, and speeds up your ability to get the body of your dreams without having to put in any real extra work at all!

Why would The Venus Factor work for you?

As mentioned above, there are all different kinds of variables that may or may dictate just how effective the Venus Factor is for you going forward. However, just a quick search for “Venus Factor review” online will end up showing you hundreds and hundreds of different reviews, case studies, and testimonials from people that have had their entire lives changed just because of this diet plan for women. The odds are pretty good that it will be able to help you too!


  • In terms of positive aspects, The Venus Factor diet aims to help women control leptin, the hormone that is responsible for hunger. The principle around leptin is actually simple and very direct: once leptin levels are high, women’s body is naturally feeling hungry, which means that they need to consume energy that comes from foods. Since the metabolism influences everything related to leptin, women have to be extremely careful when they eat, as they might accidentally consume more than they planned initially.
  • The Venus Factor weight loss system helps women make some changes to their nutrition, so that their brains will automatically produce leptin in lower quantities that will not determine them to consume anything. With that, their caloric intake decreases considerably in a short time, so their organisms will melt the fat away shortly.
  • Another positive aspect of this program is its capacity to teach women how to remodel their bodies through healthy eating and regular exercise. Women receive advice on making healthy food choices, which will automatically help them keep their leptin levels as low as possible. The Venus Factor offers them plenty of good tips regarding eating carbohydrates, which definitely is an important aspect to consider when it comes to losing weight. Pairing fast and slow carbs properly constitutes a great way to maximize their energy levels whilst boosting their metabolic rate and burning many calories per minute.
  • Since carbohydrates can be damaging for women’s body weight, consuming them adequately has plenty of benefits and this is what The Venus Factor teaches them.
  • Another impressive aspect of The Venus Factor is the workout and exercises it presents to women, which are meant to help them work out those body parts where fat is stored. By keeping a healthy balance between nutrition and exercise, women can stick to a better-defined lifestyle that will automatically help them get slimmer.
  • With all the workout videos they get, women will learn how to do all exercises correctly in order to lose weight. Sometimes, women might be facing many difficulties and troubles when it comes to this matter, so this is one of the primary reasons why The Venus Factor is such an efficient weight loss program.
  • Since John Barban has done a lot of research on weight loss and women metabolism, The Venus Factor is based off actual information that was initially processed by scientists. This means that the 12-week fat loss system and all materials provided by this program are accurate, offering women the possibility to finally reach their goals.

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  • The Venus Factor is not perfect though, as there are a few drawbacks that might make it slightly ineffective. First, this program is universal, which is why it might not work for all women equally. Even though all women’s metabolism is actually based off leptin, some might be influenced by several other factors, so it is not going to work as expected for all women. This depends upon each woman’s hormones and nutritional needs, because all women are different, so it might not be as efficient for everyone.
  • If women using The Venus Factor are not properly disciplined and do not follow John Barban’s instructions adequately, they might end up not getting any result in return. It is, therefore, highly recommended to commit to this weight loss program before starting it in order to attain your goals and make all those extra pounds melt away.
  • The Venus Factor does not come with anything very spectacular in terms of dieting and exercising, so this is probably one of the primary reasons why many women consider it just an ordinary scam or gimmick. The only thing it brings new and untouched in this industry is the leptin thing, which changes many beliefs.

The Venus Factor System Review Conclusion

The Venus Factor is program that deserves only 4.1 stars out of 5, even though many would say that it deserves more. Since not all women who use it might obtain actual results, investing in this system is risky to some degree. If you do not set your short- and long-term goals, chances of success are minimal, as you will not be able to commit to this program. Other than that, The Venus Factor is a worthy investment to make if you want to lose at least ten or more pounds in a week. Hopefully this Venus Factor review help you make the right decision going forward.

John offers a complete and total money back guarantee on this program, so there is literally no risk whatsoever for you to give it a shot. If you’re sick and tired of feeling heavy, not looking your best, or just want to make a change to become healthier, this is exactly the kind of program you've been searching for!

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