Those are not spoiled, very independent, self-reliance, individuality, character carelessly; they don't like make-up, it is often associating with trousers; in daily lives, they like simple costumes, they also can not be Futie fishtail skirt or a luxury complex for their wedding. 
Lace coat match with white trousers, it is both simple and capable, yet feminine, so the they can show their another side in the wedding day.
Strapless tops, oblique skirt combined with white trousers, it is enjoy the great style, and piercing "female man" independent, chic personality qualities.
Pure white suits with tulle lining material inside the ride shirt,it is capable neat in both women's soft and elegant. "Hey! Let's get married!"
Bright white strapless paragraph coat with leggings popular design, it is not too complicated decoration which is bringing a pure white sweet.
Sparkling crystals, beads decorated with white Bra bras match the same color harem pants, a long veil from head to ankle loose down, beautiful, exotic and romantic reflected in the "female man" domineering, chic.
White floral lace suit texture, silk shirt and tie contrast, it is brisk and witty.

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