Vote for a Department of Peace on

Would you be willing to support a request for help? Please click for PEACE below and vote on the Department of Peace idea on or you can go to and click Ideas and then Top Rated Ideas to find it.

The idea is Ranked # 1 in the category of Other, under "Appoint Secretary of Peace in Department of Peace and Nonviolence" . Round #1 ends on Dec 31st and the top 3 ideas move to the final round which begins on January 5th to January 15th. We need your online support, spreading the link below in anticipation of the 10 day run off. I wanted to see if you could quickly vote for this idea.

Would you be willing to share the link above in an email to friends, groups you know, blog it, bulletin it or post the widgety thing on your website??

Please help support this idea and take that extra step. It really works.

Thank you Thank you!!!

You can also help by signing up for breaking news alerts by visiting:

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