Weekly Tips to Recession Proof your Life and Eliminate Expenses ( Week 1 )

Hey there Folks in order to be in Harmony with the Universe there are a few things that you must take care of:

1) Your Health ( First and always Foremost )

2) Being Aware of your Incoming & Outgoing Finances ( No Leaks! )

3) Time spent nurturing your Relationship ( You finally found your Life Partner - don't Blow it now :) )

4) Keep your Fun Meter Pegged and Smile Alot! Getaways, Vacations or simply just a walk in Nature :)

Okay now that you have the Basics down - Well Done!

Here's this week's Expense Elimination Tip!

This one product saved Shell and I nearly $5000! Let me explain :)

We are always on the go and we usually purchase bottled water to be conscience of the H2O we rehydrated our bodies throughout the day.....until we went to a water demonstration and watched how the water we drank daily revealed that it was terribly acidic!!!! Well that's all changed and we're so impressed with our New High Antioxidant Alkaline Ionized water producing machine that we're passing it on to everyone because not only will it save you money but if you're a referrer by heart, then the opportunity is there to Join us in the Water Biz :)

Here's your Link up - see for yourself why we we're so excited not to mention that Dr. Ben Johnson MD D.O N.M.D ( one of the most famous people on the movie "The Secret") highly endorses and is currently using alkaline, ionized water with his cancer patients to overcome acidic ph that is referred as the root of all disease.

But I digress, here's the Link up to get you started :)
Click >>>>>> The Water System People can't get into their Home fast enough!" <

Keep your Fun Meter Pegged!

:) Jay "The Uber Funologist"

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