"What is Communication?" ™ Teleconference Seminar Call

Step by Step You Move Ahead with your Communication Capabilities...
American Communication English
TRAINING To Become A Confident Communicator

We want you to be your best as a confident communicator, so we created this exciting series for you!
Thank you for joining us.

"What is Communication?"™ Is a lively, interactive & informative tele-class with participants from all over the world teaching new tips to assist you in communicating confidently.

We have been receiving requests from people all over the globe who wish to listen to our enlightening live calls.
People are now sending questions about communication issues before the call, regarding situations that involved communication problems and they will receive answers and options for all types of situations.

Once a month we feature experts who know about the complications of communication, and how to simplify them with how-to-do-it results. This is another way that we are supporting our worldwide clients improve their communication skills.

This notice is announcing our exciting Thanksgiving Season November call. We are very honored to have Greg Voisen as our guest. Greg is a Personal Growth Coach, a professional speaker, author, and consultant with a passion and a penchant for helping people overcome obstacles and enhance performance by achieving greater clarity of vision. Greg's email address: greg@eluminate.net
Greg's website: www.compassionatecommunications.com

Please join us on Monday 11/24/08 at 3:00PM (pst) http://www.worldtimezone.com/
for our next informative teleconference call. Ask friends and colleagues to join in too. Put it on your calendar!
Dial in #: 1 (712) 421-6764

We have received many questions for our next call already. Thank you.
Please send your communication questions or issues to learn@acemyenglish.com.

Sincerely, Professional Communication Coach, Nancy

"It warms our heart to know that we have been understood. The connection with other people is true communication in action. The thread of connection weaves itself with others and we become one in understanding." ~ Nancy Kaye

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