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On May 19, a city police hunt group is made up of seven people, work to fly to guangdong chaozhou.Soon, after team will find out the suspect has been bleached identity,Replica Oakleys and aliases for Zhu Mou as a lecturer at a local public events.
After confirmed its foothold now and working place, May 22, in conjunction with the local police, after careful deployment, the zhuhai police managed to criminal suspects arrested.
"In last year's foxhunting 2014 operation, the first city in the whole performance was named the national" fox hunting "action" star city ". As the suspect Zhu Mou were arrested, Wholesale Replica Oakleys the police in zhuhai will further intensify pursuit. Here, the public security organ is still want to urge those outside the fugitive suspects, back home midnight, is the only way out for you."Jinhua city public security bureau of economic investigation team vice captain zhang hui said.
Later any further need not worry because can't see mobile phone and press the wrong phone number ", Replica Oakleys For Sale to reading glasses aunt said. Love will help aid the dream the day before yesterday, foshan service joint 12 floor port of guangdong foshan flowers square glasses fashion, and elderly residents of community service on a "against older people myopia, reading glasses, sunglasses, Cheap Replica Oakleys reading glasses free maintenance and free distribution of caring for the convenience of activities.Hong Kong cantonese glasses fashion hui fang boss is a volunteer, the last two years have been for people in need free glasses and glasses.

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