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At 11:04pm on June 12, 2010, Eva said…

iPeace is deleted from David Califa the end of June. Here you can find a new home.

You are cordially invited.

Warm regards, Eva
At 3:30pm on February 2, 2010, Sharon Taphorn said…

Wishing you an amazing day and new year ahead, love and blessings, Sharon
At 7:59am on October 30, 2009, Chetana said…

Have a safe but Happy Halloween!
At 10:27am on September 12, 2009, Samy S.. said…
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At 11:35pm on August 29, 2009, SANAT said…
thnd, Dear friend Tina...U R sooooooo sweet...i feel your caring love right now...peace & love...SANAT to TINA...xox
At 11:33pm on August 29, 2009, SANAT said…
wow...wonderful expression of could U define LOVE....IS IT CARING...SHARING....LIVING....LOVEING....thnx...JAHSI...SANAT...xox
At 6:34am on August 29, 2009, Tina said…

At 4:05am on August 29, 2009, SANAT said…
OMG...JAHSI...U R a wonderful lady....God loves U 2....SANAT...mmmuuuaaahhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...XOXOXOXOXOXOX
At 10:29am on August 25, 2009, s <3 said…
Wow...... you have done your homework and read my page. Yes, he is Irish, he is Thoroughbred cross Connie. He came to England when he was three.
All Thoroughbreds have Arabian blood from way back, 4 Arabians were brought to the UK and were the founders of the Thoroughbred line. I love hot blooded horses.

Both of my daughters ponies are Welsh Mountains and one we have been able to trace his pedigree back to the 1700's! One has Arabian blood too, the other might but we have not been able to trace his pedigree back quite to far.

I am part Irish too, my Grandfather was. I have French, Scottish Jewish and English blood running through my veins.

Hope you have a good Tuesday x
At 1:23am on August 25, 2009, s <3 said…
That is good x
At 8:01pm on August 24, 2009, s <3 said…
I am not Irish :) x
At 6:46pm on August 24, 2009, s <3 said…

This is a picture of my horse, Edwin's eye, he is 30 years old. I do not know what the reflection in his iris is off, but he is a magic horse so maybe we are not meant to know :) x
At 6:23pm on August 24, 2009, s <3 said…
I like what you say about yourself, glad that we are friends x
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At 5:44pm on August 24, 2009, Eva said…
Thank you for your invitation Sanat!

Love and Hope,
At 10:39am on August 24, 2009, Motorcycle Hippy Al said…
Sanat, I saw this visualization and I thought of You, as I feel this is better than to destroy fellow Human Beings

It's called "Healthy Anarchy" and Yes, You must protect Yourself & Others, it's just when You said Destroy Them. I would Love to Change Them or really for Them to change Themselves. Some Great Teacher, once said "Forgive Them, for They know not what They do"

Peace, Hippy Al

At 7:42am on August 24, 2009, Stephanie said…
whoops....did I read you want to destry demons? doesn't quite sound like a peace loving person....please...reconsider...
let me know what you think about my comment - sounds a wee bit too violent for me and for ipeace!
let me know your thoughts please!!
At 9:27pm on August 23, 2009, Motorcycle Hippy Al said…
"we are all human beings. we all have equal rights. but political clouts & terrorists people have changed my thinking about peace....they are demons & it's my duty to destroy them."

"Peace be with You My Friend and

"You see I carry a Sword, I use it to defend Peace, not to destroy non Peaceful people, but Yes, the World would be a Better place, without some people in it" but "Such is Life" & "Free Will"

At 4:33pm on August 23, 2009, Vicky F. said…

At 10:16am on August 23, 2009, s <3 said…
At 9:00am on August 23, 2009, Motorcycle Hippy Al said…

Sanat, to

"So Let's Make a Difference"

"Happy Trails" & "Happy iPeaceing"

Hippy Al

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