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At 1:38am on June 21, 2010, Eva said…

iPeace is deleted from David Califa the end of June. Here you can find a new home.

You are cordially invited.

Warm regards, Eva
At 9:57am on March 4, 2009, Aaditya Shakya said…
I'm Aaditya from India
I am a film student

I have made a video on world peace

Plz watch it and comment and rate it!!!

please add this video to your blog/website/myspace/facebook account


Plz join my group on facebook and
At 4:35pm on January 1, 2009, Leela said…
Happy New Year!

At 7:29pm on December 29, 2008, overflow2me said…
Thank you for your kind words.
At 2:32am on December 14, 2008, Christa Rose said…
Hi Rev

Utah is close enough.

At 1:55am on December 13, 2008, Robert said…
Hi Rev,
The Co-creator network is a webcast radio group.. 512-772-1938
There may be a few slots open for content and live broadcast. Callers can Skype or phone in to speak to the on air host, live.
Dr. Joe Marshalla (see my friends list) has a show called "The Cup of Joe show". Monday's 11am to 1pm Central.
Hope that your way is bright before you always! ~Robert
At 2:52am on December 12, 2008, Dee said…
Thank you for your kind words and invitation. God bless you in all your efforts.
At 10:37am on December 11, 2008, Joey J said…
Thanks for the invite as friend. I'll try and give You as much support as I can. I'm feeling alittle overwhelmed by all the diffrent groups I belong to, mostly art groups. I'm learning alot from what I've been reading from the diffrent people on this site. This site seems to be a very positive force and has changed some of My thinking. I like what You have to say and look forward to learning more.
At 6:43am on December 11, 2008, Robert said…
Hey Rev, have you heard of the Co-Creator network? Not certain how long they have been around, a few months, but they may be an option, I know they are considering new content. Just a head's-up. I agree with your views and look forward to hearing more.
Thank you for the friend invite and for always putting out the message of acceptance, self-love, compassion and unity. May the very best path for you be well lit always and may you be met with all you need always. Bless your head Brother! Robert
At 4:27am on December 10, 2008, Giblatsai (Peter) said…

I love you brother, thank you for helping me heal my mind!! Glad all is well and the resolution is clear...thank God for brothers and sisters!!
At 2:54am on December 6, 2008, Giblatsai (Peter) said…

Love is always present, we could no more be seperate from love and live, than the Sun could be without it's heat....we are by definition loved and loving...and Love...
At 2:24am on December 6, 2008, Giblatsai (Peter) said…
I am glad you are here Brother, so I can tell you how much I appreciate and love you, right NOW!! Check out the music on my page, Lennon will always give us what we want...and then some.
At 5:33am on December 3, 2008, Humanity Healing Foundation said…
At 12:25am on December 3, 2008, Eva said…
Thank you my Brother (- Rev. A. A. Grimsley) for your invitation and

Warm wishes from the other side of the planet!

At 3:10am on December 1, 2008, Kaycie said…
Hello Brother,
Thank you for your friends request you made me smile and laugh with your statement. ("if anyone doubts my opinion send them to you!) - how fun. I wish you most success in your endevours in spreading love and light. What is your website? I look forward to a wonderful friendship with you. You make the planet a better place.
In peace and service,
At 4:18am on November 30, 2008, Giblatsai (Peter) said…
well...that particular poem came to me...intact...from my elder a gift to me early in my awakening process...and it was forever emblazened on the forefront of my mind...coming to me whenever I wanted to share thank you for complimenting His is basically 'A Course in Miracles' in so many words....
At 9:00pm on November 29, 2008, Kelly said…
I'd be very happy if you'd conduct your teaching through our site, once we get those tools up and running.
At 3:59pm on November 29, 2008, Giblatsai (Peter) said…
Brother AA, thank you and absolutely you may use whatever words you find there that reflect the Truth as you see It...lots more where they came from...
At 12:50am on November 27, 2008, Giblatsai (Peter) said…
Wow, Brother....what a message of hope and light, thank you!!
At 2:25am on November 25, 2008, Carol Clark said…
Hello Brother Grimsley,

I love your message about your life mission. I am outgrowing limitations every day that have been restricting me a long, long time. It's very hard, but worth the results.


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