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At 9:36pm on April 19, 2012, leonardo martin negrin said…


At 5:25pm on April 12, 2011, Maurício Veredas said…

Happy Birthday!

At 6:18am on April 12, 2011, WARIS ALI said…

Hi Monica

I am pleased to see your so sound  profile

I am here today to wish u the happiest birthday.My you peace,prosperity and happiness in ur life

Take care

Waris Ali

At 12:36am on June 14, 2010, Eva said…

iPeace is deleted from David Califa the end of June. Here you can find a new home.

You are cordially invited.

Warm regards, Eva
At 10:58am on April 12, 2010, Motorcycle Hippy Al said…

Monica My Friend,

At 2:17am on September 2, 2009, Houcine Brahmi said…
At 11:51pm on August 31, 2009, Houcine Brahmi said…
Friendship Comments & Graphics
~Magickal Graphics~
many blessings to you
At 2:47am on August 19, 2009, Jerry T said…
A true story for sure. I had a near death exp. and it changed my whole life on the world and how we can correct it. I was touched and a message to give. Thanks for reading my blog.

At 4:10pm on July 20, 2009, Pastor Samuel Muderhwa said…
Dear Monica

we need your service in my area

God bless you

At 3:25pm on July 18, 2009, Diogo Cortez said…
Bela ideia colocar aqui a Marcha Mundial...
Trabalho para ela em Lisboa - preparamos a rota Galiza-Lisboa. Há pouca informação em Portugal... e de Espanha. Aderi ao seu grupo - vai ser bom para o nosso trabalho... Gracias...
Perdaorá escrever em português... mas escrevo mal em castelhano (catalão menos), galego um pouco...
Gostava de manter contacto consigo para ter sempre notícias da Marcha... em Paz, pela Paz...
At 8:27am on June 25, 2009, Chetana said…

At 5:46am on May 28, 2009, Helen BlackMcCahon said…
(hhmm the "add-on thingy hasn't popped up,.shall try later)
Dearest PeaceSiSta Monica,...
I send you my Peace Flower
to honour our connection,...
Contemplate the Peace Flower
Visualize over your Heart and
Invite"Peace to Blossom Within"

Lotsa Lov & Laughter,.
Your PeaceSiSta in Sydney,...Helen
At 4:31pm on April 23, 2009, Vicky F. said…
At 10:35pm on April 18, 2009, Beatriz Pereira said…

I've just visited the site, fill in and sent the form I found in 'Adhiere' and when I tried to download the form in PDF I got this message:

'404 Error - Not Found
The resource you have requested could not be found on the server. There are many possible reasons for this. Either the file does not exist, there is an error in your request, or the file is not accessible in the requested directory. Please verify that:

You have used the proper case; requests ARE case-sensitive!
You have entered the URL correctly. (i.e. proper directory/filename)
You used the FULL URL. (i.e. proper file type: .html, .gif , .jpg, etc.)
You use a tilde (~) before user directories. (i.e. )
The user/file still exists on this server.'

I do want to fill it in and join the cause, and have left in the other form my email adress too (the cell phone number is in Sao Paulo, Brazil), so please contact me as soon as you have resolved the problem with it, ok?

Peace and Happiness to all beings.
At 10:13pm on April 18, 2009, Beatriz Pereira said…
Hello Monica,

I'll visit the site and most probably fill in the form. You know, one thing I would love to see is the change of the word 'nonviolent' for the word compassive.

It is time to start educating everyone about the real menaing of words like love, compassion, charity, tolerance among others and the use of this word would be the first practice of this new teaching, I think.

Peace and Happiness to all beings.
At 5:54pm on April 18, 2009, Stephanie said…
if you would like a little correction with your English, send it to me and I will look it over before publishing!
Thanks for the invitation in Barcelona, don't know if it will be possible, but thanks. With my husband who is very organized, I know we iwll be going here and there and with teenage daughter doubt if we will even get in touch with old friends who live there!! Just to move around to our own pace.
thanks anyhow, very nice of you
take care
ps your english sounds very very good from what I can see!
At 10:51am on April 18, 2009, Stephanie said…
I am about to come to Barcelona for my first time, with daughter and husband next week!! What a coincidence to see you on the group page.
Listen, could you please do the following. I ask you a favor.
Since the story group has not had let's say, posts telling of events, could you write a little story and add this info at the bottom of it? The reason I say that is that we have only had stories on the group. I thin k it is working because of that! People know they come there to read stories, not to read other things that you can find on iPeace. IF YOU WRITE a little story, and then talk about that on the bottom, it would be jmuch better. Perhaps cutting the information.
Otherwise, others will do the same, and our group will look similar to other pages.
Please forgive me, but it really would be better for the group like that.
thanks for understanding
At 10:15am on April 18, 2009, Gordon J Millar ~ The Global We said…
Hi Monica,

please add a blog to your page about The World March for the Peace and Nonviolence so I can feature it,


iPeace Co-Creator

At 9:43am on April 18, 2009, Monica said…
The World March for the Peace and Nonviolence is beginning: JOIN IT!

It is time to set ourselves in motion, first we are going to move consciences...

This week millions of people are going to endorse the World March for Peace and Nonviolence


And do not forget to send this form to your friends and acquaintances. So that the words of peace and nonviolence for the world become multiplied.

Everyone's actions count!

We look forward to hearing from you!

Complete the form in our webpage: ENDORSE the World March for Peace and Nonviolence:

Because I am in agreement with:

1. nuclear disarmament at a global level;
2. the immediate withdrawal of invading troops from occupied territories
3. the progressive and proportional reduction of conventional weapons
4. the signing of non-aggression treaties between countries
5. the renunciation by governments of the use of war as a means to resolve conflicts

And also, because I reject all forms of violence.

A big hug

At 11:55am on April 12, 2009, martine said…

Que tous tes voeux soient stisfaits

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