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At 1:58am on March 7, 2021, Philip Watling said…

I don't need to sell a million books, though it'd be nice... My book is on sale though and how many people can say that?

At 9:05am on May 20, 2017, Brooke Lovestone said…

Onelove, my friend.

At 3:28am on August 28, 2014, Marques De Valia said…
At 12:44am on March 17, 2014, Marques De Valia said…

The Partin Ranch borders Lake Tohopekaliga (Tohopeka ([from tohopke /(i)to-hó:pk-i/ fence, fort]); Tohopekaliga [from tohopke /(i)to-hó:pk-i/ fence, fort + likv /léyk-a/ site], also referred to as Lake Toho, West Lake, or simply 2hu, native name meaning "we will gather together here", and gives birth to the great Kissimmee.

The name Kissimmee originated between the 1750s and 1850s when soldiers were pursuing Seminoles along the shore of Lake Tohopekaliga and commenced to massacre the Indians when a brave Seminole woman began screaming “Kish-a-me. No kill. Kish-a-me. No kill!” Miraculously, the soldiers did heed to her offer and this lady sacrificed herself to save the remaining Seminoles who escaped to the wild lands along the shores of what is now known as “kish-a-me” or Kissimmee River. This lake is also the origin of the Seminole’s legend of the Kissimmee River. It is about a man who eats a fish found in a hollow log away from the water. Though he is warned never to eat anything out of place, he eats the fish and turns into a huge snake. He crawls down to Okeechobee Lake and then to the Gulf, leaving a winding river in his path. The towns known as Orlando, Hollywood, Apopka, Leesburg, Ocala, Lakeland, Winter Haven, Winter Park, Mount Dora, Avon Park, all the way up to Gainesville are all areas where people known as Seminoles and Miccosukees and Tequestas – and many other groups of indigenous peoples – used to inhabit.
— James E. Billie has been publisher of the Seminole Tribune and Chairman of the Seminole Tribe of Florida since 1979.,%202001.pdf

At 12:48am on March 14, 2014, Julie Miller said…

At 9:58pm on March 3, 2014, Brooke Lovestone said…

Greetings, Marques!

At 2:52am on July 20, 2013, Marques De Valia said…

as an artist

obviously your image on my page, unasked for,

is a form of unsolicited "stuff" that is just here on my page.

and yet, you give up on this site because of 

some junk mail.  

people who want peace want something perfect,

and that's good.   we have to have the peace inside us to  get somewhere.

but in the world, are both warmongers AND commercial solicitation...

we can't just WISH them away...

At 2:42pm on May 19, 2013, Christine Quelch said…

Hello Marques, it is good to hear from you. 

I saw all your discussions. They are good.

Fracking is a big problem in some States in Australia. I am just glad it is not a problem where I live, because we have enough troubles with the forest being chipped, and I don't think I could cope with fracking as well.

Best Wishes,


At 3:29pm on March 27, 2013, Lana said…

Dear Marques

What a good idea, Pronoia, thank you - must stop using paranoia!

Once you have mastered Pluto, you'll be great.

Love and Light,


At 8:07pm on March 26, 2013, Julie Miller said…

The Maha Chohan is the head, or hierarch, of the seven chohans of the rays. His name means “the Great Lord,” which is an office in the hierarchy of the Great White Brotherhood. He embodies the white light of the seven rays and teaches the balance and integration of these rays through the eighth ray. He also teaches that true love carries every other virtue and every other point of God-mastery.

Blessings of Divine Light and Love

At 3:40pm on March 21, 2013, Marques De Valia said…

there exists...government institutions...that turn consciousness...away from the heart...towards things that don't matter...lies...causes for war and bloodshed...greed...these..."institutions"...cause a form of functioning psychosis...that people must behave erratically/weirdly/in a bizzare transcend, to actually be sane and feeling in an insane cosmos...

At 5:00pm on December 8, 2012, Lana said…

Thank you, Marques

I have only just seen your comment, for some reason.

Sorry for the delay in replying to your lovely comment...

Love and Light


At 2:11am on September 29, 2011, Marques De Valia said…

we must achieve victory before hell freezes over,

but yeah, i see what you mean.

At 6:31am on May 28, 2011, alice faye said…
"wonder when people will realise the errors of the past and make that necessary cognitive leap?"

Fight 'em till hell freezes over, then fight 'em on the ice.
-- David Van Os
At 5:38am on May 26, 2011, Christopher Stewart said…

thanks for the kind comment Marques ! progrock it is ! :o)


wishing you plenty of good times !


take care,


At 2:00pm on May 19, 2011, Marques De Valia said…

my heart is likewise wounded

all of our hearts are wounded...

the realisations found in seeking hearts' healing

are on the pathway towards victory in this quest.


At 3:50pm on May 12, 2011, Eva said…


my eyes fill with painful tears !

At 3:38pm on May 12, 2011, Marques De Valia said…
At 10:18pm on May 2, 2011, Eva said…

...i bet we have similar ideas...let's have an alliance...?


yes, i love the idea and your invitation.
i could not invite you because I have exceeded my limit.


see you ...



At 8:07pm on April 10, 2011, Eva said…
i think of your words and say : hello ...  it made ​​a difference ... :*)

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