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At 9:18am on June 20, 2014, qq terry said…

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At 10:17pm on February 25, 2012, leonardo martin negrin said…
At 10:11pm on November 18, 2010, JOHNNY BONKERS said…
Such tranquility of Spirit shines from your page,it never loses its glittering golden sheen that lights so many Hearts and Spirits each moment of the day, Mother Earth rests ever more Peacefully when dear wonderfully Angelic Vicky is on call, hugs, Peace, Love, Sound and Vision, Johnny

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At 10:46pm on August 3, 2010, Riccardo Gramegna said…

At 6:12pm on August 3, 2010, Riccardo Gramegna said…
I love your page! and I sincerely think you are 'special'!!

At 12:55pm on July 29, 2010, Motorcycle Hippy Al said…
"Radiate the Energy of Love"

"Thank You" Vicky, for sharing this video, with Me. Great way to start My day, with All the Beautiful Loving messages.
"Happy Trails" & "Happy Loving" Peace,Al
At 12:19pm on July 29, 2010, Motorcycle Hippy Al said…

back Vicky, My iPeace Friend, to

"So Let's Make a Difference for You & Yours & Everyone" and

"Happy Trails" & "Happy iPeaceing"

As You can see,We (the iPeace Family) are still here. "Enjoy"
At 2:29am on June 25, 2010, JOHNNY BONKERS said…
OOOPS!! it seems to have been refused to be posted...hmmmm... I know why ....: ))) I got the wrong code for a different Manly P Hall video .......lets try again,

I am looking up to see if the video posted....? here goes...if it does not post the video is post under the search title Manly P Hall: Love, Life and The Ego....blessing of a most beautifully rewarding Friday and Weekend...xx...
At 2:21am on June 25, 2010, JOHNNY BONKERS said…
The secret is out, how to recognize and see a wondrous Angel, one only have to visit this most beautifully gifting page, and there right before my amazed eyes is dearest gracious Angel Vicky with the Golden Heart of Loving sunshine. I found this video recently by Manly P Hall...blessings ever bright Angel Heart, dearest Vicky,and thank you for your beautiful comment I am honored to walk the same Earth under the same Sun within the same lifetime,hugs, Love and Light, Happiness and Vision, Johnny xox..
At 3:27pm on June 24, 2010, James Arthur Mitchell said…
Thank you too Vicky! I hope all is well. I look forward to a time when all truth can be known and where love rules the Earth. Peace
At 6:11pm on June 19, 2010, Eva said…
Hello Vicky,

iPeace is.........., the end of June. Here you can find a new home.

You are cordially invited.

Warm regards, Eva
At 7:54am on March 2, 2010, JOHNNY BONKERS said…

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At 7:54am on March 2, 2010, JOHNNY BONKERS said…
Blessings of a most beautiful week dearest Vicky, I have composed a few tunes over the last two weeks and would like to share them with you,they need to be far more brilliant to match your most fabulously Angelic Heart, but they may bring one of your ever wonderfully gifting smiles,Hugs, Love, Peace, Happiness and Golden Light, Johnny xox..
At 11:27pm on February 5, 2010, Dave Kenyon said…
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Trust your heart and it will guide you to your passion. Once you discover your true passion the energy of creation will work through you to manifest that dream in the most magical way. ~Dave Kenyon

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
At 7:53pm on January 11, 2010, Motorcycle Hippy Al said…
"Peace with you, all mine calm and peace which started inside me"........Vicky

At 1:06pm on January 11, 2010, JOHNNY BONKERS said…
Blessings of a most picturesquely Star colourful week of bountiful happiness both within and around your beautifully gifting Spirit of Heart, Love, Peace, and Joy, Johnny xoxox
At 12:50am on January 11, 2010, Eva said…

Thank you Vicky!

I feel happy and honored that you have joined the group

"Mother Nature and disability."

Love, Light and Joy,


At 12:28am on January 9, 2010, Clicia Pavan said…
Come join our Group
Gaia Mother Earth, Gaia Madre Tierra
This is the first group that I opened
I hope you enjoy
I wish you much peace and love
Ven y únete a nuestro grupo
Gaia Madre Tierra, Gaia Madre Tierra
Este es el primer grupo que me abrió
Espero que disfruten de
Le deseo mucha paz y amor
At 1:58am on January 8, 2010, JOHNNY BONKERS said…
Blessings of a most blissfully Happy, Healthy, Peaceful Star filled flowerful New Year,may it be the mirror of your gracious Heart that shines so brightly for All, with 2010 being of tenfold as rewarding for you, magical Angel Star, hugs, Love and Joy, Johnny xoxoxox
At 4:31am on January 5, 2010, Vincent J. Daino said…
Thank you, my friend!

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