like i say is one of my hobbies...heres one i wrote and performed....on a basic web excuse the quality....the song is generally about ....the general living of the population at the moment...where they are and where they wanna be...and whats going on around them in my country ...the big issue is knife crime ....which is explained in the second verse..but most places in the world it's WAR!!!..that is never going to solve's not the quality of the video ...but the words story and message i would like people to listen too...with love peace and respect.....

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Comment by Imagine on September 26, 2008 at 7:25am
You are my feel...know...and tell it the way it is!!!
You are the best, Steve!!! Thank you for sharing with the world!
Always...Lots of Love and Hugs to my bestest far away but so so close friend!

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