Jai Jagat... a dream that can be reality

JAI JAGAT! Victory to the Whole World!
Acharya Vinoba Bhave joined Gandhi when he was very young, about seventeen, while Gandhiji was already shaking India’s consciousness with his writings, speeches and actions. Many, at that time, left their villages to join the revolution.
Young Vinoba was one of them and he was acknowledged by Gandhi for the purity of his heart and his spiritual strength. He became the closest friend and advisor of Mahatma Gandhi, whom choose him as the first individual satyagrahi and when Gandhi was killed in 1948 he led the Sarvodaya movement till his death in 1982.
He walked on foot, from village to village in India, for seventeen years, collecting huge donations of land from the landlords and redistributed it among the landless, for selfsufficiency and freedom from slavery and hunger through an outstanding constructive revolution: the Boodan and Gramdan movement.
The dream of Vinoba was about a world without geopolitical boundaries, no religious divisions, no separations among all human beings, all equal in the Love of the same God. He had a vision of the world as one village, where all humans would live as a family, with Love, Truth and Compassion inspiring their relationship.
He promoted the decentralization of power to the villages and in his Ashrams all important decisions were taken unanimously.
In 1957, the first of November, he was greeted at at huge gathering of the Sarvodaya movement and the crowd was shouting.. Jai Bharat! Jai Bharat! Which means Hail India, Victory to India!, slogan that was very common in post-independence time.
He told the crowd that, from that moment on, they should have greeted him and each other with “Jai Jagat!” victory to the whole world, victory to all.
One world consciousness pioneer, Vinoba had a vision of the fall of all nationalisms and the fusion of humanity in one nation, the planet and one citizenship, humanity.

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