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Register Tapes Unlimited (RTUI) takes your local grocery store's blank register tape and transforms it into your paper billboard; a small, professionally created advertising product by which thousands of people can view, repeatedly on a daily basis. At RTUI, we won't just sell you a limited number of impressions on a few rolls of register tape. We sell time! When you purchase ad space with us, you always get reliable, targeted exposure regularly, all day.

Regardless of your position, key decision maker for a large corporation or small business owner for a Mom & Pop operation, understanding the opportunities and capability of register/tape receipt advertising will propel you and your company's image, sales, and profitability in the right direction... up!

How It Works

Program Configuration and Implementation

After RTUI sales staff interacts with your company's management team, the process of setting up your RTUI account launches.

It is at this juncture that the details of your ad space account are set-up, configured, and agreed upon.

Each RTUI Ad space that's purchased renders you, the advertiser, a minimum of 800,000 impressions over a 365-day period.

We offer one, two or three year packages. Our commitment is to provide an uninterrupted program which works 365 days a year, building momentum every month for many months, before reaching a plateau, usually in the 9th or 10th month.

Why It Works

Universal Acceptance.

Our clients say, " We are very happy with Register Tapes and will keep using it and recommending to every single business owner out there."

Today more and more businesses have accepted the usage of RTUI tape as a viable and cost-effective means of advertisement. Now more than ever advertisers of all sizes and economic ranges are appreciating the value, exposure, and response to this brilliant product.

Alertness of our product and service has reached astronomical highs as business owners across the country continue to reserve ad space with RTUI at a continually escalating pace.


RTUI's cliental includes individual and/or single accounts that range from $50,000 to $1 million annually.

Tape advertisement is such an inexpensive means of advertisement with such an extraordinarily high rate of return that its cost is seen as a "drop in the bucket" as compared to more conservative means with the same level of exposure.

At a cost of $6.00 per thousand, including production, delivery, and distribution, we place our clients in a successful situation.

RTUI is certain, as our research and client's sales results have shown that they can't lose. This belief is maintained and reinforced by the fact that we have a coupon product that's skillfully conceived with high quality photo imaging and a quick response message.

Give us a call today. we are confident that your choice to use our program on a wide production scale, even in your local market, will prove to be the strongest mechanism by which you can advertise for maximum output with minimal investment.

(800) 247-4793
Register Tapes Unlimited (800) 247-4793 RTUI

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