Twin Light & Colour Cubes - An Enlightening Breathing Meditation

An eight-minute silent breathing meditation through a seies of forty-eight pairs of the Twin Light & Colour Cubes. The ten-second display of each pair gives you time to take a slow deep breath and to breathe in the rhythmic, cyclical colours of the surfaces of these fascinating virtual manifestations of the nature & dimensionality of the RGB colour space.

The Twin Light & Colour Cubes contain the that define surface of the red, green & blue - RGB - colour space, within which the colour at any point is equal to the addition of its red, green & blue coordinates to the zero point (black) in the "positive cube" and where the sum has the form of the HTML expression "rrggbb", where rr, gg & bb are two-digit hexadecimal numbers describing the intensity of red, green & blue light.

In the "negative cube"; the color at any point can be described as the subtraction of its cyan, magenta & yellow coordinates - CMY - from white, the zero point of the negative, twin cube.

This video - best seen in full-screen mode - is being shared in support of the 800th Anniversary of Cambridge University, and an upcoming "Light up the Big Apple" event in New York on Saturday, December 5, 2009 in honour of the 800th anniversary.

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