I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts about how to achieve world peace and what is meant by world peace. Is it about respecting everybodys right to their own way of going about things? or maybe it's about tollerance of others beliefs and just to be really controversial could world peace come about through violence ie (and this is not what I think it is only to start a discussion) if the nazi's had put into place the final solution and eradicated everyone they didn't like after the initial period of living in a world akin to Orwells 1984 would things of settled and become more relaxed and with no other systems and religeons would they have succeded in getting world peace.

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On 8th March, 2006, a message from the Secretary General of the United Nations included the following:

“The international community is finally beginning to understand a fundamental principle: women are every bit as affected as any man by the challenges facing humanity in the 21st century – in economic and social development, as well as in peace and security. Often, they are more affected.

It is, therefore, right and indeed necessary that women should be engaged in the decision-making processes in all areas, with equal strength and in equal numbers.

The world is also starting to grasp that there is no policy more effective in promoting development, health and education than the empowerment of women and girls...

And I would venture that no policy is more important in preventing conflict, or in achieving reconciliation after a conflict has ended.

We do have achievements to celebrate in women’s representation around the world… But we have far, far more to do..."

And at the 2005 World Summit, world leaders declared...
"progress for women is progress for all”.
also i notice that this discussion has so far been all men!
So may be women need to be encouraged as much as possible to put forwards suggetions and join in discussions for how to bring peace to the world.

:) :) :)
Hi Christine,

Men and women are two sides of the same coin, a few facts from human history of not too distant past:

Humanity got Jessus Christ (May Peace be upon Him) through a woman, Virgin Mary;
Who believed first in Mohammad (May Peace be upon Him) was a woman, Khudija;

Victoria, in whose era British empire was taken to the length and breath of sunshine, was a woman;

The courageous lady to married to Ben Bellah (know him?) in prison was (perhaps she is still alive) was a woman;

Dr Condi Rice, the educationist) who provides diplomatic cover to Bush's cruelity, is a woman;

And Margaret Mead who gave us our motto, was a woman;

Now read here the plight of women in Pakistan and how, educated people in Pakistan think on the plight of women - the writer earlier did Masters in Defence and strategic studies from our premier institution - Quaide Azam University (QAU).

Kindest regards. Sadiq
Hello Sadiq
thank you so much for this excellent document, and well-referenced research, which i look forward to reading in full as soon as i have a moment.
Certainly men and women are two sides of the same coin and, when in harmony, I feel sure can bring the world into a perfect balance. I feel sure it is inevitable that women will become more involved in society, and that there will be a better balance, as the present situation is not sustainable.
Warmest wishes
And, certainly Sadiq, i can think of plenty more examples to add to your list of women who have contributed to so much of the suffering in the world.
Please forgive my generalisation!
There are many men who have done wonderful things for peace and many women who have done much to destroy it, for sure.
I so wanted to acknowledge that before i leave this discussion.
But i fear i have got rather lost in the rest of it, trying to follow the thread! - i joined in with it at an invite from Anders - but apologies because i feel i won't have time to contribute much more in this particular discussion - it's wonderful it's happening, but i'm feeling rather alone in being a woman in here and also feeling that this sort of discussion is not really my forte - I'm feeling a bit out of place!
So hope you'll all forgive me if i back out of this one now.
Thanks again for your wonderful and valuable input here Sadiq
Hi there Ruach,
thanks so much for popping by here! :) Very heartwarming that you have looked in like this.

Same here, Ruach, a lot of theory and intellect here that i don't understand either - and / or that I feel that I would find it very draining to try and follow - that it's not where my true power lies, as you say so well.
And I do so agree - I don't enjoy debate, nor feel the need for it.

I'm glad you've enjoyed my responses Ruach, but this has been a learning curve for me, this little bit of time i've spent joining in this discussion! It makes me realise just how at home i feel nowadays talking and sharing with women ;), And it's reminded me why i'm doing what i'm doing and why women are perhaps not so involved in politics etc.

I much prefer to stay in my heart and not tax my brain with theory and philosophy and debate. And i know that, while tackling peace in this intellectual way has its place - so too is it equally valuable to tackle peace in our way too. Lighting candles and spreading empathy and keeping things simple.

Even while i write this i find myself tripping over my words again!
Definitely time for me to step back here, I feel, - this has at least reminded me that I don't any longer need to feel drawn into the world of debate and competing (which i used to feel i somehow had to do!).

Again, thanks so much for looking in Ruach! :) I so very much appreciate your words - and feel i have nothing more to add - you have a real talent for expressing yourself.
And I know in my heart that you are speaking here for many women - and certainly for me!

Blessings to you and to all,
Chris :)

We are Mind - Heart - Spirit - Body. But we are also One - Whole.

I am in this a 1000 times more with Spirit and Emotion than I am with Intellect.

in fact - the greatest movements of peace I do is through music - making people come together and dance

I am not a biologist - I am a social constructionist. Letting humans be destined by their biological origin, and to have Women as the prime mover of peace excludes 49 percent of humanity.

Correct me if I am wrong, but is this the message that men can't make peace?

I am here in dialogue, not debate. And it was only a simple question, on how to get practical in the peace-making. I am not here to intellectualize and talk. I am here to do.

And I begin with myself.

I begin with Love.

The life-nurturing force all dimensions. That capacity is genderless.

Please - when you see me, see ME - not my 'sex'.

There are no 'we' and 'them' - there is only 'WE' - the One Family of Humanity.

No not at all Anders!!

the message is that i am tripping over my words and digging deeper holes for myself - just by trying to join in a conversation and not managing at all well to convey what i mean to say - and i don't feel that my contributions here are getting anyone any nearer to world peace either.

So, just to be hopefully really clear, without upsetting any men -
Men have as much to offer as women.
Men and women both have a valuable place in the world.
Many men are heart-based and many women are mind-based.
Many men make peace and many women make war.

I don't know what else to say. I'm finding this really tiring because I don't feel that anything I'm adding is getting anyone anywhere!!

I do feel that empowering women will do much to achieve world peace - which was the start of my contributin here - but that's not the same as blaming men for anything.

I'm getting really really lost here and want to leave this discussion before i offend any more men!!

Men are wonderful, and of course men also experience and share love and oneness.

I won't try any more to explain what i was trying to say.

Sincerest apologies if I've offended anyone!

But i really don't feel anything i'm adding here in this discussion is doing anything for the world. For some reason this discussion is all men and I'm not enjoying the dialogue here - but I can't pinpoint why - it may be nothing to do with me being the only woman here - i really don't know.
Blessings to all, men and women equally
Chris :)
I was not offended, I was just trying to correct a possible misunderstanding.

And when men and women collaborate - we achieve powerful things!

Remember how one Man - Muhammad Yunus - have focused on empowering Millions of Bangla Women through Grameen Microcredit.

'Nuff said :).

And I really do get your message, Christine :).

I am surrounded by three fantastic females - Nadine (soon two years old - my daughter, living with her mother), Karin (my new love) and Wendy (her Birma cat) - loving them, getting gazillions of loveful spirit back :) !

At and in peace,

Hugs and Love :) !
Hi again Anders
i can't see a space to reply to your reply below - so adding it here instead!
thanks for that Anders!
And i'm surrounded by loving caring men and boys!!
Blessings & love to you
Chris :) :) :) xxx
Yeah, also had the trouble to find the reply on your reply, seems to be a design flunk or whatever. Anyways, below instead of threaded, the message went thru!


PS. The CEO of Ning is ---- FEMALE ;) - a great powerful lady in the land of men of Silicon Valley ;). DS.
Now, I saw it - actually missed this link - just a tip: Add the YouTube Headline+Descriptor, also with your own comment, otherwise the links tend to disappear for the eye in threads.

Cool video! And agree about the question posed by the elder - "whose oneness?"


Mulla Rides

"Basil "Mulla" Sumner, a Harley Davidson riding Ngarrindjeri elder living in South Australia, speaks about the violent history of his people, and asks a fundamental question: Whose oneness are we talking about? For more of Basil Sumner, visit www.globalonenessproject.org"


One - U2
One Love - Bob Marley
We Come One - Faithless

member of one family - one humanity
beginning peace with himself
[as 'Mulla' pointed out...]


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