Erasing poverty by Basic Income Guarantee based on Tobin-tax

Financing a basic income system, seems always as a big obstacle, as no one wants more taxes though some models estimate that this is possible through changing the income taxes just slightly (this varies offcourse from nation to nation).

Nobel prize winner James Tobin, economics 1981, had an idea about taxing foreign financial exchange transactions, known as the Tobin tax. Discussed lately in political spheres, it is suggested set at 0,05%. As minimal this seems, it actually would generate a lot of money. Beside the exclusion and savings thereby of unemployment money, pensions etc and the enourmous moneytaking of organizing these, this Tobin-tax would probably pay yhe rest and still leave money for other projects.

The Tobin-tax is discussed widely lately, also at the G-20 meeting in Pittsburgh last September. It is extremly important that we don´t allow the IMF to swollow all the money generated by an eventually Tobin-taxation!

On the issue Tobin tax and how to use it, WE can be  the critical mass! Or the creater of this critical mass group. If this is an issue for debate on enough websites as well as the in ordinary papers, the polticians will eventually notice it and dare to consider the idea. 

Basic income, from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:
A basic income is a proposed system of social security, that periodically provides each citizen with a sum of money that is sufficient to live on. Except for citizenship, a basic income is entirely unconditional. Furthermore, there is no means test; the richest as well as the poorest citizens would receive it.
A basic income is often proposed in the form of a citizen's dividend (a transfer) or a negative income tax (a guarantee). A basic income less than the social minimum is referred to as a partial basic income. A worldwide basic income, typically including income redistribution between nations, is known as a global basic income.
The proposal is a specific form of guaranteed minimum income, which is normally conditional and subject to a means test.

I have allready launched this idea on several other websites and -discussions.
You can join the Basic Income Guarantee – the End of Poverty group on iPeace here.

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How about actually creating an economy that creates full employment instead of artificially supporting people with unemployment benefits etc. A basic income could be achieved through community facilitation and co-operative enterprises. And it would not require any extra taxes.
I agree that we should think about a monetary system based on other values than now, for instance based on "time", but until then, B.I.G. will make it easier to "change" the system. I will try to write more about this later. Also I wonder what you mean by full employment as I am not shure if we share the same opinions on what is beneficial for a sustanable living for both people and mother earth.
What is the difference between being poor and poverty? Is it an amount? Is it related to ones country? Is it an issue of age or gender? Can we establish the difference between the two?
I am poor as i own nothing... I am poor as i do not waste and i use with gratitutude whatever comes to me as a gift from Life... I am poor as I have no paid work to do, no income in sight... I am poor and I am blessed!
Tobin himself proposed 0,5% tax on financial transaction (G-20 discuss 0,05%). Even with Attacs modell in dividing it in to 3 parts (climate/financial buffer/poverty) and using 1/3 to imply Basic Income (i.e. erase powerty), it would result in aprox ¢12.750 / $ 17.000 to each global citizen a year! What are we waiting for?!?
Person may be poor by economy but not poor by thoughts or brain power.


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