i find this group of people very weird
any opinions?

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Greetings nobody will answer that question it is too unpleasant. And those who could will keep quiet because in the first place they don't want to answer although the could because they also have something on their chest which is giving pain to them.

Hatred is a very deep going affair and I can nourish it and I can plant t and grow it in other people like young people never give them a chance to see the world or listen to the world but preach them from morning to evening how bad other people or individuals are and the story goes on. Listening to these youngster when you ask why they only come with phrases they learned by memory they do not have an opinion. One side we should forgive them but of course this would be foolish to do but there are other ways for which the society in general is not ready.

The ones who teach hatred probably had to suffer a lot at their time and in one or the other case they even might have a reason but not always and guess not that often that they an generalize matters.

Who is guilty for the guy in prison, not always the guy sometimes the society is responsible which is we.

Difficult to answer.


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