Guidelines for using iPeace

iPeace is a community with a difference. Each of you here feel it. You are here because your choose to share in its message…

We share a single desire to spread peace, build bridges, reconcile enemies, respectfully discuss, engage and debate different points of view.

You have each joined iPeace to contribute to being the difference we all seek in today’s world.
We expect civil respect for one another’s individuality:

-    Engage without prejudice.
-    Encounter one another with respect
-    Engage in discourse not insults
-    Endeavour to celebrate diversity
-    Enter into different cultures and life perspectives with an open mind.
-    Entrust your mind and hearts to new friendships

I  -  international cyber community like no other
P – personalize your community
E – end conflict by sharing your vision
A - afford a stranger your time and attention
C -  compassion expresses your truest inner grace
E -  envelope your world and others  with magic

We are making a difference together. You are making a difference and iPeace is where you can talk, share, collaborate and engage.

Copyright : please cite sources of 3rd party material to avoid infringement lawsuits.
Healthwarning: NO! to spam, insults, inciteful and or  defamatory behaviour, ridicule threats,  any other kind of offensive content.

Make the most of your iPeace experience..



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Hi David.
I am delighted to know that there are so many people in this world who seek peace!!!!!
The unit makes the difference.
My prayers for peace. Many thanks for the invitation.
God, bless your heart always.
A big hug from Argentina!!!!
Forever María.
There is NO other way . All above( the Guidelines) is the basic for anything in life, no doubt for an organization which takes itself seriously and honestly and genuine with it's target - making PEACE.
I believe that this re-write comes as a reaction to cases when people had used the site for ..."bad behavior" - let's hope this re-write will put everything in the right place.
Than you David
Thank you for the new iPeace guidelines ! When I visit here it is only for a peaceful visit and to leave the burdens of our lives out side the door ! My mom has pasted, but, she always said, if you have nothing nice to say then be quiet ! I was very glad to see a new President of the" United" States ! With in our world we should help to ballance the scales of peace and equallity. Love and Light,,,,,Peace

Beautiful. nice picture
I,m indeed elated to be part of the people my heart has always seached for.I work for a non- violent movement in Kenya.I swill seek to abide by the rules of ipeace.Let me therefore share a few of our convictions in this vocation.
1. Active Non-violence is a technique used to combat the opponent's power in a non-violent manner.
2.It seeks to to understand the logic of violence and then find alternatives.
3. It has not always againest,it can be for.Reading between the lines will overcome an issue in impending situations.There is an element of humanity deep down in us.
4. Protest the injustice.
5.Proclaim the truth
6. Penetrate the conscience of the adversary.
7. Part from the injustice yourself.
8. Pray
9.Pay the price

Thank you all
The i in iPeace is the key. i will love, respect, celebrate, be open and flexible. Thanks for a good set of guidelines to live by and to underpin this wonderful site.

Thanks, I like the guidelines and I am so happy and very thankfull to have friends, that brought me to this site.
Sounds good. We do have to be careful though- we do want to discuss things-- things that will matter; will enhance human life-condition.. (I won't accuse you of some kind of 'defamatory behavior', if you express an idea I don't yet see with the intent of ultimately increasing my happiness! Peace starts with dialogue; if we feel insulted or something, we must talk it through- otherwise no one will be left... Do you see what I mean?
(its a delicate balance- we have to continuously concentrate and open up....)
If we don't want to hear anything, we won't. I do, though, want to "hear the cuckoo"!
David and Renee:

Thank you so much for the guidelines. They are awesome. People lets spread love and kindness instead of all the ugliness! Respect one another. Love another!

Good job!

Sending Lots of Hugs!
I like the basic premise David. These are generally the rules for blue sky problem solving sessions. Encourage creative thiking by maintaining an open mind and lookig for positives in any idea no matter how crazy it may appear initially.

I would like to discuss the role of government in the USA. While it is true that we have a predominately a market driven capitalist economy, it is important to recognize that the strength of the USA lies in the diversity of its people and its resources. Socialism is not a bad word. We need to shift our focus away from a desire for individual achievement to a pride in achievement as a community, state and nation. At the community level we solve problems of pollution, efficient use of local resources, health, education and welfare. At the state level we focus on infrastructure (highways, bridges, energy, etc) disaster relief, education etc. At the nation level we focus on national standards related to preservation / efficient use of resources, funding for programs to promote quality education, resolution of any interstate conflicts, foriegn relations, a coordination of disaster relief within the USA as well as to other countries in times of need.

Blue sky idea
What does anyone who makes over a million dollars a year do with all that wealth?
Frankly I think that tax rate should increase as a function of the order of magnitude of the ratio of ones income to that of the average wage earner. For example lets say we use a factor of 30% increase per order of magnitude. If the average income is $50k and that person pays 25% of their income in taxes then someone earning 10 times that amount would pay 32% someone earning 100 times the average would pay 42% and someone earning 1000 times the average would pay 51%. On the other hand, someone earning half the average would pay 17%. [avg tax*(1+log($X/$avg income)*.30)]

Everyone should be given the option / incentive of investing income in a company or organization that would be beneficial to the health, education , welfare of Americans and pay no taxes on that portion of their income until they reclaim their investment in a form that is used to satisfy their own wants / needs.
Hi David, great info here. The guidelines are very useful for the beginners like me. Thanks a lot for sharing.
"Mind, ye peoples of the Earth, Enmity is an evil state, Live in friendship, one and all - Man can have no kinder fate."
---Alisher Navoi (1441-1501), one of the greatest poets of the Medieval East

We are people, so different to each other and all others, got together here at iPeace from all over the world; here our most common stake is 'peace'. Because we speak different languages, every English word we write here may not give same meanings to everyone and raise flags of conflicts here and there.

None of us is born of her/his free will and we have to live on planet earth for a certain period of time, it is of paramount importance that we should live in peace, despite conflicts. Only friends can understand and tolerate, therefore, peace demands that we should become friends.

When we are friends no amount of conflicts can disturb our 'peace'; Rumi said, "whatever comes from a friend is always good"!

Thank you and kindest regards


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